Looking for a school with strong creative writing /theater programs in the northeast?

<p>Any ideas? Small town/rural environment preferred over urban. Solid to above average student.</p>

<p>Just about any LAC.</p>

<p>But Emerson and Sarah Lawrence come to mind immediately.</p>

<p>Emerson is city, SLC is suburban, what you're really looking for is Bard and possibly Skidmore.</p>

<p>Would Muhlenberg be too far away? They have a fantastic theater program,</p>

<p>vassar, connecticut college, skidmore, wesleyan</p>

<p>Small + rural + creative writing and theatre would = Kenyon. It's a couple hundred miles from the northeast (eastern Ohio) though.</p>

<p>Thanks for all of the suggestions. And yes it's a shame but Kenyon is probably outside the targeted area.</p>

<p>Bennington is also small, rural and known for putting out writers.</p>

<p>good theater program too!</p>