Looking for the Prefect Match....

<p>Match School that is lol!! I'm sorry I think someone spiked my eggnog.</p>

<p>Alright, I'm desperately trying to find a match school to round off my college list. I applied to 3 safeties, 3 reaches and 2 matches. The current matches are SUNY Geneseo and Clarkson U Honors Program. </p>

<p>Quick Stat Breakdown:
Sex: Male
GPA: 3.75
SAT: 2100 ( CR 710, M 720, W 670) retaking in Jan for 2200+
SAT II: Bio- M 650, Chem 690
Race: Afro-Caribbean
Applying for FA; Yes.
Status: Currently I'm an International Student, however I'm moving to the US in Feb. So I guess when the ADCOM is reviewing my app I'll be listed as a domestic student.
Major: Biochemistry </p>

<p>So if you don't mind can you please suggest some schools, preferably in the Northeast</p>

<p>It is your citizenship, not your residence that determines whether you are treated as an international or domestic student. Citizens and permanent residents are typically treated as domestics. All others as internationals.</p>

<p>OMG its lynxinsider!! fancy seeing you here lol! oh yea I should specify then, I'll be obtaining my permanent residency and moving to the US in Feb.</p>

<p>I knew that username was familiar and couldn't place it at the time!</p>

<p>Call Lauren Sefton at Rhodes and tell her your situation. I think whether you'll be counted as international or domestic will be whether you have your PR in hand in time to submit a FAFSA. That is to say that the only difference in how you'll be treated is what financial aid you'll be eligible for. </p>

<p>This is all way above my paygrade, though. ;-)</p>

<p>Try to clarify your residency status with each admission office. I would think they typically go by your official status at the time of application, or by the deadline. Of course, it's the policy and interpretations at each school that matter, not what you or I think is reasonable.</p>

<p>To be safe, let's suppose you are considered an international. Here's a list of some of the best schools for aid to internationals. These are good schools in other respects, too.
Top</a> 25 Financial Aid Colleges in US for International Students (Need-aware) - Desperate Guide: Undergraduate College Financial Aid, Scholarship</p>

<p>Application deadlines for many of these are closing in fast. Your qualifications are in match-to-reach range for many of them. Colorado College, for example, looks like a high match, is a good science school, and is eager I believe for more student diversity. Their RD deadline is 1/15 (a little later than some of the others).
Colorado</a> College - Desperate Guide: Undergraduate College Financial Aid, Scholarship</p>

<p>Compare this school with Clarkson.
Colorado College
USNWR rank = 27
Student:Facuty Ratio = 10:1
4 year graduation rate: 81%
average aid to internationals: $44,966</p>

USNWR rank = 119
Student:Faculty Ratio = 15:1
4 year graduation rate: 58%
average aid to internationals: unk</p>

<p>Among NY and New England schools, consider Bates, Colby, Colgate, Hamilton, and Trinity. U Rochester is another good one, though I don't know about their aid to internationals. These are all more selective than Clarkson. Skidmore or Union would be a little less selective than these 6 and Colorado College (but still more so than Clarkson).</p>

<p>Thanks lynxinsider!!! I'll call them when the offices re-open</p>

<p>tk21769, thank you so much for all the information!! I'll definitely check out Colorado College.</p>