Lost College Student


<pre><code> I was hoping for a little guidance from the intelligent members of College Confidential. I am currently 30 credits deep with around a 3.3 GPA at the Community College of Rhode Island. I've gone on a lot of college visits so far, but haven't liked any (none are top schools and worth mentioning). I will be a Fall of 2013 transfer and will have an associates in general studies by the time I transfer. What are good matches for me? I live in the Northeast and DC is as far as I will go. I am a Finance major. Somethings I would like are an urban environment and good opportunities for work experience. These aren't required, but would be nice. A good reputation is the most important thing to me.

<p>What can you pay? </p>

<p>Will you graduate with honors?</p>

<p>Although it’d be nice to save on tuition, it’s not necessary. I plan on graduating with honors, but I am not in the honor’s program.</p>