Lots of Reaches, any Matches???

<p>Thanks for checking out my thread! I'm a white male from Idaho. (bleh!) Planning on majoring in biology, possibly minor in linguistics.</p>

<p>GPA: unweighted (4.000)
GPA: weighted (4.500 w/o fresh year)(4.375 w/ fresh year)
Rank: 3/407, top 1%
Total number AP classes: 13 by senior year
AP scores:
Biology (5)</p>

<p>SAT I scores: 2150
CR (680)
Math (720)
Writing (750)</p>

<p>ACT scores (hopefully colleges use this instead)
Comp (33)
Math (35)
English (36)
Reading (31)
Science (31)</p>

<p>SAT II scores:
Biology (760)
Chemistry (taking soon)
Math II (taking soon)</p>

Jump Rope
-jumped for 10 years (captain past 3 years)
-2 hrs/day. 4days/wk. 40wk/year (school practice)
-5 hrs/day. 6days/wk. 12wk/year (summer practice)
-ranked 1st in nation ages 14 and under (2007)
-ranked 2nd in nation all ages (2008-2010)
-ranked 6th in the world (2010)
-group ranked 3rd in the world (2006)
-performed on David Letterman Show
-performed in Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
-performed at Utah Jazz games and various other athletics
-numerous medals and 8 trophies (best in nation at event)
-appeared on ESPN, Fox, and the movie JUMP!
-helped start a team in Hawaii (2008)
-helped start a team in Albuquerque
-Hopefully, I will be able to start a jump rope club/team wherever I go to college.
I would hope college would like the idea of having another team/club.
-9 years
-5hr/week. 48 wk/yr
-achieved 5 (highest score) at state competition 3 years in a row
-have two trophies for having 15 and 30 points at state competition
Science Quiz Bowl (2010-2012)(captain)
National Honor Society (2010-2012)(representative)
International Club (2009-2012)
Key Club (2010)</p>

<p>Community Service
AP Bio Tutor (2010-2012) 10hrs/year
Jump Rope Club Teacher (2007-2012) 25hrs/year
Discovery Center of Idaho Volunteer (2010-2012) 150hrs/year
Hospital Internship (2011 summer)</p>

<p>Schools I will apply to:
UC Santa Barbara
University of Washington</p>

<p>Thank you so much! You are an AMAZING person if you read through all of this, and if you did, I truly thank you. I know it's a lot to look at! Please just tell me what colleges you think I have a decent shot at. I will chance back if you like!</p>

<p>Wow. Well, you have perfect grades, good test scores (not outstanding, but certainly good, especially ACT), and a unique extracurricular at which you excel. You're definitely into UW and UCSB and Whitman and Berkeley are low matches for you. I have to call the others reaches just because they're so selective, but I'm fairly certain you'll get into a lot of them. The only potential flaw is your SAT; if you could get that up to ~2250, I would give you an extremely good chance at one of HPSC. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thank you so much! That's really great to hear.</p>

<p>Ohh, and just a quick question for anyone that sees. My 33 ACT is higher than my 2150 SAT score (most sites say a 33 equals a 2230). Will colleges look at my highest one, or will they consider both</p>

<p>You'll probably get into most of those including the high ivies because of your unique activity, and accomplishments in it. Nice!</p>

<p>Thank you! Do you think my jump rope will account for that much? Because it's not like an "actual" sport most schools compete in...not like football or basketball.</p>

<p>salsapenguin, you can just send the ACT to colleges, as that is better. They have no preference, so thats also good for you. If you can increase SAT, then good, but not necessary. As for EC's, yours are what you called, "excellent". Not many can say they are top 10 in the country in any sport, and even though yours isn't popular, Colleges really want kids that are good at unique activities, so you have a great chance for HSP. Improve that SAT to a 2250, or maybe get a 34 on ACT and I would say high match for all. I would suggest maybe looking at some of the schools and whether they have any jumping rope clubs/teams, and if they don't, you can make one (and mention the fact that you will make one in your app.)</p>

<p>Being from Idaho is a plus! Schools love to brag that they have students from 50 states!
Coming from a state with a small population is a hook!</p>

<p>Stanford Harvard Princeton are reaches but you have good chances even there.</p>

<p>Jump rope... wow.</p>

<p>Thanks for all your help! Anyone else, feel free to chance me if you'd like.</p>