Low-income, International student?

<p>I've heard that being low-income, especially in the top schools such as HYPSM, is considered a mini-hook, and that it can be advantageous. </p>

<p>Does this notion hold true for international students as well?</p>

<p>Not really. Many brilliant and low income (by American standards) international students apply to the top schools precisely because they're need-blind. I think more advantageous would be your country of origin -- a lot of people with great stats apply from India/China -- far fewer from, say, Albania.</p>

<p>Your information is completely false. International applicants to this set of schools is the most competitive applicant pool for them. Because they have great FinAid for internationals, it drives even more and more applicants. Being low-income in this pool is frankly, normal -- not an advantage whatsoever.</p>

<p>For domestic (i.e. US citizens) applicants, excelling through tough circumstances can be a tip factor.</p>

<p>Absolutely not, for intnls, being full pay is the advantage by a mile.</p>