Loyola Md vs. Fairfield vs. James Madison

<p>Hi. Just joined the site and was hoping to get some insights into a few of the schools that my daughter has gotten into. We just found out today that she was accepted at Loyola and Fairfield. She's also gotten into the Isenberg School of Business at U Mass. She's interested in studying business (perhaps with a minor in Human Resources or Psych). We're still waiting on James Madison but I think she's got a good chance. How wouold yoou rank them in terms of selectivity? The U Mass option is appealing due to the in-state tuition but I don't want to be short sighted either. Woould appreciate thoughts/perspectives. Thanks.</p>

<p>i would definitely put UMass and James Madison at the top of all of these schools. I havent been to Umass personally but visited JMU last year before I was accepted and it had a very nice campus and environment and the cost isnt too bad for oos compared to most publics. Also take into account the instate tuition as UMass might make it more worthwhile for you.</p>