Major in Sports management and minor in marine bio possible?

<p>ive been thinking a lot about my major in sports management i have already starten to take "sport" classes at my first yr in community college i wanna major in sports management but also wanna minor in marine bio is it possible or what else would be a good minor? and what schools have both really good programs? im looking at uconn and BGSU for SM but i wanna have a good minor to back myself up bc i heard SM is through connections and is a hard major to make a career out of its VERY competitive. PLZ HELP</p>

<p>Why minor? Why not just take classes in marine bio because you like it? Why add courses you wouldn't want to take and bulk your schedule to call it a minor? What do you think this will prepare you for any differently if you have it as a minor as opposed to classes you took?</p>

<p>well if i take it as a minor its something i can fall back on if SM doesnt work and if just take marine bio classes its not gonna help me with a job</p>

<p>core- my d is a sport management major at Suny Cortland and has a minor (21 credits) in communications. As sport management is a tough field to break into, the Cortland curriculum broadens each students educational background so they may be able to use their skills in another venue if they can't find a job within the sports industry.
As part of the SM curriculum, my kid is taking 15 (?) credits in business related courses including accounting, finance, marketing, management and a few others. She also decided to do the communications minor as she has become a bit more interested in sport marketing. This is all in addition to her 36 credits in sport management including a semester internship. Cortland suggests a minor for those interested in broadening their background in areas like business economics, information technology, & communications.</p>

<p>I guess my point is, that if you want to go the sport management route, maybe pick a minor that is somewhat related to broadening your sport management background. </p>

<p>For my d, if she cannot find a job within the sport industry, I'm hopeful that her background in business and communications will give her a boost when looking for a job .<br>
Somehow I think a minor in info technology may be more beneficial in conjunction with a sport management degree than marine bio. And as melody suggested- just take a few classes in marine bio for knowledge and enjoyment.
Good luck.</p>

<p>thx u so much for that now i think ill major in sports management and minor in communications bc thats a more legit thing than Marine bio</p>

<p>does she like the college up there and do they have a good SM and COM program? im lookin at BGSU for SM</p>

<p>cortland has a very decent and well respected sport management program. As we are from nys, the tuition is extremely reasonable. what school is BGSU?-sorry I'm not familiar with it.
My kid really likes cortland- it's been a good experience for her.
Personally, I really do like their curriculum. with the emphasis on a solid business background and doing a semester internship for experience. I'm sure alot of other schools follow a similar route, but I'm most familiar with the Cortland SM program.</p>

<p>ok- I just googled and found out its Bowling Green. I'm sure they have a good SM program too. We looked at a bunch of schools but in the end my kid felt most comfortable with cortland. As it really has a good SM reputation and tuition costs could not be better, it really was the right choice for her-
Good luck.</p>

<p>is it a hard school to get into? what kind of grades did she have and how did she do on the act and sats?</p>

<p>coreym- cortland is a college within the state university system in ny. Generally, its geared to the B/B+ student with SAT scores 1000-1150 m&v. But as sport management is a very popular program, they are pretty selective. I heard that 700 kids applied to be a SM major the year my kid was accepted and they only accepted around 70- </p>

<p>SUNY colleges want to get more OOS kids, so your chances might increase.
Does your state U have a comparable SM program? It would probably be less expensive to find a program within your state U system.</p>

<p>yea uconn is my state school and their sm is really good but i guess it wud make more sense to transfer to a school where they have sm and the sport of choice i wud want to do an internship for is ice hockey and their ice hockey team isnt a "big" deal</p>

<p>No, they're not lol UConn's hockey team is pathetically bad.</p>

<p>haha yea thats what i meant so i dont wanna go there for SM program and go for a internship for a hockey team when my college hockey team blows</p>

<p>I'd rather have a terrible college hockey team than no college hockey team. Believe me, I'm going through that. College hockey withdrawal sucks.</p>

<p>yea i think hockey is more of a hobby for me than it is a career</p>