Male Ballet Dancer Chances

Hi everyone, here’s the stats:

GPA (Unweighted): 3.95 (I got a B in Calc BC AP)
GPA (Weighted): 4.77
SAT I: 2110
SAT II Bio: 770
SAT II Math II (possible score, taking in Oct and Nov): Anywhere in the 700-800 range
ACT (possible score, taking in Sept and Oct): 33-35
AP’s: Currently, Gov 3, Calc AB 5, Calc BC 4, Stats 4, Bio 4, English Lang 4.
(I said that I want to major in Chemistry and German)

  1. Ballet and other dance for 10 to 11 years total, plan on submitting an arts portfolio with a male solo piece from "La Sylphide" (James variation). I'm not GREAT at ballet, but I can pull off 5 pirouettes on a good day.
  2. Kendo for 3 years (Japanese sword martial art). I'm two tests away from a black belt.
  3. President of a Club that goes to senior centers to play board games with the elderly for two hours every Sunday.
  4. National Honor Society member

I know I’m not a killer extracurricular person who juggles 10 different things and grades, but does 10 years of ballet make up for those 10 extracurriculars I could have taken instead?

Btw, pretty sure it’s a negative, I’m asian

and yes, I made a mistake. The name’s pretentious, I realized that about 3 seconds after permanently creating the account.