Male Female Ratio Of Applicants

<p>0 male : 1 female</p>

<p>lol, i'm amused</p>

<p>noo u guys r supposed to update the ratio and add yourselves!</p>

<p>lol, no no. what i'm trying to insinuate is that 1)this is not exactly the best of samples, and 2) if you really want something meaningful, do a separate ratio count for CC/SEAS</p>

<p>o male : 2 female heh, not lookin good.</p>


<p>1 male : 2 female </p>

<p>a lil' better</p>

<p>2m:2f college, looking better...</p>

<p>F for seas, so that makes 2 female for SEAS so far. collegebound and i</p>

<p>o_0 ok.</p>

<p>collegebound is SEAS </p>

<p>so reconfigured:</p>

<p>2 male : 1 female

<p>2 male : 2 female

<p>2 male: 3 female

<p>The people this username hosts make the ratio 3:4, College.</p>

<p>3:5 college</p>