Man, I love USC.

<p>Hey yo. I'm a freshman at USC and let me just tell you that I absolutely love it. I'm majoring in political science/international relations. The campus is really pretty! I am smiling everyday when I walk to class through McCarthy Quad when I see the green grass, pretty fountains, and the sun is shining on my face. </p>

<p>USC has beautiful people. I have yet to stay at a campus with more good looking people. </p>

<p>The campus is diverse. Sure, there are the rich, blonde airheads but not as many as the stereotypes suggest. Last week, I played Clue with 2 Brazilian girls and a French guy. I'm taking comparative politics so I knock on the door of a girl in my hall and ask her about Taiwan's government. The good friends I've made so far: an Indian girl from Dallas, an Asian girl from Switzerland, a Hawaiian girl, a piano/guitar performer from New York, Hong Kong kids, etc. There's plenty of international students, out-of-state kids, private school kids, public school kids, poor kids, rich kids, etc. You just don't see this kind of diversity at, let's say, a public school like UCLA where almost everyone is from SoCal. </p>

<p>I love my classes. </p>

<p>The neighborhood is bad, sure. BUT, with Campus Cruiser, you can have a car take you anywhere within a three-mile radius of the campus (where all the parties are) and it runs until 3 am every night. It's not as bad as people make it sound though. It's not Westwood, but it's real life. I take the Metro Bus if I need to go downtown and it's a short and scenic bus ride. You really do gain street smarts and learn about city life.</p>

<p>The campus is COMPLETELY SAFE. Campus police patrols the campus all night. There are emergency booths all around campus in case you ever need help. Not that I'd recommend it, but I go for a jog at 2 am around the campus and I feel completely safe doing so. </p>

<p>I'm not involved in Greek life but I still get plenty of social **** in. I study hard from Sunday night to Wednesday night and then party the rest of the weekend. Frat parties are insane but chillin' in the apartments is fun too. There are numerous clubs with very friendly people. </p>

<p>I feel like I'm very well taken care of at USC. The resources, the people, the connections--I love it all. I'm very happy.</p>

<p>I hope that helps some.</p>

<p>Hey kick, my major is international relations global business. How does the ir program seem? Have you taken any main courses for it yet?</p>

<p>" You just can't see this kind of diversity at UCLA"<br>
rofl................that's gotta be the dumbest piece of **** I've read in a while.......although I guess I can expect it from a Trojan who has to have an Intelligence Quotience of 10 ^ -10000000 to say such crap. If you haven't actually lived on campus at UCLA please shut the **** up.</p>

<p>wow, a little USC-UCLA rivalry heating up before this weekend's big game?</p>

<p>Perhaps the OP meant that there is more diversity at USC than UCLA, rather than no diversity at all at UCLA. But I'm just speculating.</p>

<p>By the way, I love how you think we have very low IQs, but then refer to IQ as Intelligence Quotience. And I don't see what you quoted anywhere in the original post.</p>

<p>If UCLA is the best, why even bother checking the USC board? That much free time, eh?</p>

<p>I think he just meant more people from outside southern California (and out of state as well) as opposed to UCLA. I don't think he meant to say anything harsh... right?</p>

<p>Yes Twenty8, he meant that UCLA cannot have as much diversity because the majority of its population is from California whereas USC doesn't have to admit mostly Californians.</p>

" You just can't see this kind of diversity at UCLA"
rofl................that's gotta be the dumbest piece of **** I've read in a while.......although I guess I can expect it from a Trojan who has to have an Intelligence Quotience of 10 ^ -10000000 to say such crap. If you haven't actually lived on campus at UCLA please shut the **** up.

Is this written in English? It's so sloppy that I can't read it.</p>

<p>Ahh it's that time of the year again when our jealous crosstown friends have to resort to using virtual means to vent their frustrations against our humble school.</p>

<p>I was just listening to the Beat 100.3 and apparently they were interviewing UCLA students what they thought about the rivalry. Out of the 5 people they interview: 3 said they'll kick our ass, 1 said he hope it'll be a close game, and the other 1 said said he'll be happy for us.</p>

<p>But.... all 5 agreed.....</p>


<p>So go back to Westwood and shove it.</p>

<p>Hey automath, why are you such a freaking loser?</p>

<p>Oh, I know why. It's because you're at UCLA. Nothing better to do than pathetically attempt to tear down anything good you see written about USC... on USC's very own messageboard? You're such a little prick. </p>

<p>And kissoffxo? You rock. USC rules. Heck yes. Bitter Bruins who can't take it can suck it.</p>

<p>I applied to both schools and am a huge football fan. I've been rooting for both of them all year, watching every game, but now I'm not sure who I want to win.</p>

<p>You should want USC to win, because if we win, we have a shot at the national championship, to represent L.A., California, and the Pac-10. If we lose, neither one will go to the national championship, and what good will that do?</p>

<p>its true, usc does have more diveristy than ucla, atleast according to princeton review. look, i went uc, ive been through that system, and USC does havemore diversity than ucla. its because at a uc you will be exposed to the same middle class stupidity you were exposed to back in high school. really boring ish. last year, one of my roomates dorve a BMW and wore a 5-6k channel watch and his father was running for mayor of san diego. he has a 3.9 gpa as bio major and wnats to be a lawyer. the other roomate was an ROTC navy guy on complete financial aid,from norcal. real good guy too, a little boring and almost totally broke. the other guy was from arizona, a music major, real fun guy. that was my first semester, it was very interesiting. </p>

<p>you know who my roomate were back at uci? we were all econ majors, all in fratenrtiy guys, all from the greater LA area. really boring</p>

<p>Yeah I've thought about that, if USC wins they'll be in the Rose Bowl for sure. On the other hand, I usually like to root for the underdog. I think the game will be really high scoring. UCLA has a good offense, but no defense. It wouldn't surprise me if SC scored 60 or more points against them.</p>

<p>That was a good prediction, devils.</p>

<p>After that game, I think I might have to choose USC if I get in both schools. The USC offensive line totally destroyed UCLA. Lendale and Reggie had a field day.</p>

<p>Yes! Good decision. :)</p>

<p>those noobs pwned! anywyas, the play calling was just genius, sheer genius. USC emphasized ball control, a slow, controlled offense with lots and lots of runs. keeps time of possesion away from ucla's potent (or atleast was potent before yesterday) offense. squib kicks keep the ball away from drew, that speedy little bastard, taking away another of ucla's powerful weapons. drew olson had to much pressure to handle. and the pressure forced some poor throws on olson's part. smothering coverage on their really good tight end was a nice touch. good game overall. can you say overrated? the school (especially the students) not just the team.</p>

<p>Man, I LOVED the play when Jarrett passed to Leinart! That was awesome.</p>