Management Information Systems

<p>have struggled in the past to determine what major was right for me...and I think I have found the perfect match in MIS.... What schools are good for my stats that will get me recruited ?? I know colleges like MIT and Carnegie Mellon are amazing for MIS, but what other programs can I get into that will offer me good job opportunities and recruiting?</p>

<p>What I want from a school:
-Good MIS Program
-Urban/Suburban Location
-Good Recruiting(Big well known finance companies, would love to work for like Goldman Technology or Deutsche Bank Technology)
-Religious is not a problem, at all. But neither is a very liberal campus.</p>

<p>Now, for my stats.
White Catholic Male
New York State Resident
GPA: 3.4-3.5 Unweighted GPA(No honors or AP Classes offered)
1850-1900 SAT(based off prac tests- say 550m 650v 650w-this is close to what i got last time)
4 Years Basketball Team(Not good enough for recruiting)
Boys State</p>

<p>My Current List:
School: Fordham University (A top choice for me as I know adcoms-almost guaranteed - but I don't know how their MIS is)
Major: MIS
Type: Match
SAT 25-75%: 1740-2000
Percent Accepted: 50%
Choice: #1 Choice</p>

<p>School: Manhattan College (Desperate safety, want to replace)
Major: MIS
Type: Safety?
SAT 25-75%:
Percent Accepted: 57%
Choice: #3 Choice</p>

<p>School: Bentley College ( Don't know how thier MIS is )
Major: MIS
Type: High Match/Reach
SAT 25-75%: 1760-1970
Percent Accepted: 43%
Choice: #2 Choice</p>

<p>Thanks for any help. This is a revision of my last thread, as people didn't know what MIS was.</p>

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<p>bring it up again, need help, apps go out soon =o</p>

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<p>I think bentley as a whole is probably the best on your list in terms of business. Instead of manhattan I would say that Fairfield would be a good bet. It is about a 50 minute train ride to NYC and is located in probably one of the richest areas in the country with a high concentration of fortune 500 companies.</p>

<p>Great pick on Fairfield redstorm. I'm reading about it and it sounds exactly like what I want. Thanks.</p>

<p>yep its a good school but it may be a culture shock if you arent really preppy.</p>

<p>I stayed in fordham for 10 days, and i passed by bentley lol</p>

<p>whats so good about fairfield</p>

<li>Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (Sloan)</li>
<li>Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)</li>
<li>University of Texas–Austin (McCombs)</li>
<li>University of Arizona (Eller)</li>
<li>University of Minnesota–Twin Cities (Carlson)</li>
<li>University of Maryland–College Park (Smith)</li>
<li>University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)</li>
<li>University of Michigan–Ann Arbor (Ross)</li>
<li>Indiana University–Bloomington (Kelly)</li>
<li>Georgia State University (Robinson)</li>
<li>Arizona State University (Carey)</li>
<li>University of California–Berkeley (Haas)</li>
<li>New York University (Stern)</li>
<li>Bentley College</li>
<li>Purdue University–West Lafayette (Krannert)</li>
<li>University of Georgia (Terry)</li>
<li>University of Oklahoma</li>
<li>University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign</li>
<li>Georgia Institute of Technology</li>

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<p>is there any demand in MIS?</p>

<p>from what I have read, yes. I know an MIS freelancer who makes well over 300k a year. He is in his mid 30s, but hell that is a lot of money.</p>

<p>$300k thats crazy</p>

<p>whats a MIS "freelancer"?</p>

<p>I don't know exactly what it entails, but basically he is his own boss and works out contracts with companies. He works his own hours, etc. He worked for some division of JPMorgan for most of the year then got some gig with The New York Times or something. </p>

<p>$300k is supposedly his best year though</p>

<p>where did he go for college</p>