Marshall Business School Curve

<p>I've heard that Marshall's curve is horrible. I just wanted to know how difficult the curve would make it to get into a good MBA program and if it is even necessary to get your MBA. Also how do you rate the professors in Marshall. Do they really care and put in the extra effort or not?</p>

<p>The Marshall curve is around a B- (2.85), constructed by the Marshall administrators to amplify the academic reputation and standing of the business school. Apparently it's not working very well at all, or so say the negative comments here:</p>

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<p>Here we go...yet again...</p>

<p>No, is NOT accurate. There's no way to tell whether these students even attend USC. But even if they do, it's about as accurate as</p>

<p>I've asked this question to my friends in Marshall, and they said that it's actually not that bad. Yes, the curve sucks, but as long as you don't slack off, you'll be fine.</p>

<p>Any input from Marshall people?</p>

No, is NOT accurate. There's no way to tell whether these students even attend USC. But even if they do, it's about as accurate as


<p>You've just opened up a slippery slope argument. If Students Review is not accurate, and Rate My Professors is also inaccurate, AND there's no way to absolutely determine if the testimonials written on those sites are by students who actually attend the schools they are commenting on, then how in the hell can we be sure than the students and testimonials ON THIS SITE are real and factual, respectively?</p>

<p>You can't, but this site was SOOO helpful over the summer when I was an incoming freshman with way too many questions about dorms, greek life, the works. And it's kinda hard to impersonate a USC student when someone says something like "Those waffle machines in EVK are heavenly."</p>

<p>Which they are.</p>

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<p>And you can always stalkerbook me! :o If you join the Los Angeles network, that is.</p>

<p>I'm a senior in Marshall - finance concentration. Yes, the curve sucks - but there is a reason why the school sticks with it. The curve makes it very hard for the average student to keep a good GPA, but conversely, it allows the superior students to really differentiate themselves. When you think of how many students there are in Marshall (>3,000), you realize why the school wants to allow the superior ones to really earn recognition. The alternative to the harsh curve would be to make admission to Marshall much more difficult – similar to the situation in the film school. The students who are usually the biggest complainers are the ones who really shouldn't be in Marshall anyway. No one ever intended it to be an easy experience.</p>

<p>Also, the 2.85 curve is only for the general business requirement classes (the BUAD classes). The upper division classes students take for their senior concentrations are curved to 3.15.</p>

<p>The curve won't keep you from getting into a good MBA program. All the best business schools look for candidates with strong work experience (at least 2-3 years worth... usually more). Undergraduate grades are very secondary. Regardless, like many of the other best undergrad business programs, Marshall will give you a strong enough business education that an MBA may be unnecessary.</p>

<p>ooh, thats nice to hear that the curve is only for lower division business courses. I was really worried about the marshall curve since i'm not exactly the smartest guy around.</p>

<p>it's not like the grading is any easier in the other professional schools. I would bet that the average GPA of engineering majors is no higher (actually, it's probably lower) than the average GPA of business majors.</p>

<p>Strykur don't know anything about Marshall so stop bringing up crappy information about the school.</p>

<p>MBA programs (the top 30 ones) look more at your work experience after college than your GPA or GMAT scores because that is most likely a better indicator of how well you'll perform at their school as opposed to a C+ you got in an intro to accounting class.</p>

<p>The professors are mostly good, with a very few exceptions. Given Marshall's clout, there are a lot of new professors coming in with very high achievements in their own right. Also, almost all of the upper-division business courses feature more professor and student contact and smaller class sizes as well. In marketing fundamentals, professors are now teaching the discussion sections and not the TA's, which is something you don't see at many business schools.</p>

<p>As for the curve, it isn't that big of a deal. Most of the time, the class average is below the curve so it doesn't even affect you as much as you'd expect. There are a few classes where the curve will be a problem, but overall there really isn't anything to worry about. I don't think I've ever been badly bitten by that curve at all.</p>

<p>Overall, Marshall is a good school as long as you put genuine effort into your education and take the time to actually learn and understand what your professors are teaching you. There are so many opportunities that Marshall offers in order to help their students be successful in the future and you would have to be an idiot to not take advantage of those programs (i.e. CAP, IEP, etc.).</p>