MATH 32A - Micheli vs. Radko vs. Mess

<p>So I've looked up these three on Bruin Walk. Mess is definitely out of the picture. Radko seems decent -- not the easiest, but not impossible. But is Mario Micheli new? Because I can't seem to find any information on him. Anyone know how hard/easy he grades; please let me know.</p>

<p>Any other information is greatly appreciated. BTW, if you start the CHEM 20/30 series, do you have to finish it? (If you're pre-med, and assuming you choose the 20/30 series over the 14 series.) Because I heard the 20/30 series drags on longer than the 2 years of general/organic chemistry required for pre-med students. Thanks in advanced!</p>

<p>^ If you’re pre-med, it’s HIGHLY recommended you take the 14 series, unless of course you’re pre-pharm or something. It really depends on what your major is.</p>

<p>Ugh. I’m stuck with Mess. I’m trying to get out of Math32A with Mess but I just cant get a GE class if I switch to Radko due to conflicts. So who else get Mess?</p>

<p>[Mario</a> Micheli’s Home Page - Teaching](<a href=“]Mario”></p>

<p>Well I saw this, but I can’t seem to find any ratings/reviews on how he grades his Calculus classes. Oh well, I ended up taking Radko’s class.</p>

<p>Help me. Anyone want to kindly help me find a GE course and a math32A class WITHOUT conflicts? I want to get out of Mess!!! :(</p>

<p>[Schedule</a> of Classes General Education (GE) Search](<a href=“]Schedule”></p>

<p>Good luck, have fun. Sometimes conflicts are inevitable. This quarter, chem 30B decided to conflict with every possible pre-req class I can take, so I’m almost done with my GEs by now.</p>

<p>I had to set up my own course sniping script to get out of Mess and into Radko…</p>

<p>what do you mean by “course sniping script”?</p>

<p>I made a PHP script to continually log me into the “UCLA Logon” thing, then I used a program called “WebMon” to check the page in Schedule of Classes for Radko’s course, and when a change was detected in the waitlist count, it would execute another PHP script that would send a command through URSA to enroll me in the course. It took like 9 hours before someone dropped and I got a slot.</p>

<p>Mind you, this was a week ago though… I haven’t moved at all around in my waitlist, meaning most people are probably done being choosy.</p>

<p>The 20 series is not too bad. You have an extra lecture and lab, but it is recommended by other graduate schools (or even Med schools sometimes) that you take 3 years of O-Chem, offered in the 30 series as 30ABC, than just 2 years from the 14 series as 14CD. Just know that there is absolutely NO SWITCHING, as far as I’m concerned, from 20 to 14. No one usually tries to do 14 to 20, so I never really hear about it.</p>

<p>So how many of you here are stuck with Mess for math32a? I’m stuck with him :(</p>