Math: 600 to a 700?

<p>Is the only way to raise a 600 to a 700 in math to practice using the blue book? If so, roughly how many months would be adequate? Any extra tips for making it happen? I'm desperate.</p>

<p>Depends on how hard you're working, and don't worry too much because raising math from a 600 to a 700 should be relatively easy.</p>

<p><em>should</em> Because I've been working for 3 weeks and I've only raised maybe 20 or 30 points (I make 600-630). Ho hum... Seeking, please tell me how it goes. I need to raise to a 700, as well. :(</p>

<p>540->700. practice problems. i dont own the cb book. i did rocketreview. I am sure that if you take the time to do problems every single day you can get even higher than a 700. Good luck</p>

<p>really.. and i heard rocketreview is not so strong for the math</p>

<p>Blue book is best because it shows u problems thatll resemble actual SAT ones. If you are concentrating on something so much you should do this.
Take a practice math test from Blue book and review all right and wrong answers. Make sure you MEMORIZE how to do them.</p>

<p>HOw are you supposed to review them? There are no explainations!</p>

<p>If you can't figure out the problem yourself then post on the forums; it's what it's for!</p>

<p>Yeah, but many times no one will answer you question. And I wouldn't want to be posting 100 problems a day on the forum! >_<</p>

<p>Well here's what you can do: first make 5 different screen names, second find the math problems you want explained, third post like there's no tomorrow!</p>

<p>It's definately possible, because it's really easy to increase a math score quickly but verbal is hard to improve. Just do problems, and remember the strategies you pick up along the way.</p>

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<p>Look at the first item.</p>

<p>I only miseed 2 problems on the last SAT, and I got a 740. The curve is tough (and one of the answers I had right, I changed at the last second)</p>

<p>is there any pattern in what type of problems ur getting wrong?</p>

<p>If you can't get up to AT LEAST a 700 with the 8 practice tests in the blue book, then you obviously are NOT understanding why you're getting the questions wrong. You need to take a practice tests, keep a notebook, write in the notebook the entire problem you got wrong... Then, make up your own explanation to why you screwed up... This way you can avoid the error in the future... Post as many questions as you want... People here are glad to help out because it helps them "brush up" on their already mastered skills. :)</p>

<p>When I first started prepping for the SAT's, I had low to mid 600's on my practice SAT's for math. Now that I've finally bumped it up too the 700 range, I can safely tell you that this is very easy to do. Usually, the ones you get wrong are of a specific nature: a series problem, a probability question, maybe a geometry question, etc...If you find out the correct procedure to all of the math problems you're getting wrong, you should get a 700+ on the SAT's (well, unless there's a horrible curve where like 3 wrong = 690). The math questions tend to repeat so you'll find that you already know how to do them.</p>

<p>Oh yeah, burnsk8er, usually the math problems are answered by someone. It's the CR questions that no one likes to answer. :)</p>

<p>Just curious, would I be able to raise my math to an 800 by Oct.8 when right now I'm scoring around the 700s (on my first two tests in the CB blue book)</p>

<p>in the princeton review i was raised from a 580 (in the practice tests) to a 710 on the real test... thank god!</p>

<p>Princeton Review course or book?</p>