Math A Regents

<p>I didn't take the Math A Regents in 8th grade! Well, I am taking it on Monday. How did you guys do on it? </p>

<p>I know the test is a joke lol</p>

<p>it's not a joke, I know a ton of people who failed it, if you're good in math though it shouldn't be bad. I took it two years ago and got a 92, although I would have liked to do better...</p>

<p>I see..I see
I didn't think I was good at math at all, however, I got a 98 on my final and now I am feeling very confident. Last year, math was my worst subject. Well yeah, I don't want to get over-confident. Im going to review a lot before the test day Tuesday (not Monday).</p>

<p>It's really pathetic. Every NYS state test I've taken is. The lowest I've gotten was a 96 on the Math B, and I've taken Earth Science, Chem, Bio, World History, French, Math A and Math B.</p>

<p>The Math A regent is pretty simple. If you're good at math, u can pass easily. I got a 92 with a few hours of studying. I just made a few careless mistakes and i had to take the english regents on the same day too.
Review books such as the Barrons Regents Review are good for studying for NY regents. Or find old regents and practice on those.</p>

<p>math A is easy if youre good at math..but math B is pretty tough..i got a 99 on A and 800 SAT math...and only a 91 on B...Its a huge difference</p>

<p>Silly As and Bs. It's all about the Sequentials. Logic proofs (and geometry proofs in most cases) are the most useless things ever. My AP Calc teacher, who teaches Math A, concurs. The worst thing me Sequential III teacher did was NOT make us memorize all the trig identities. I guess if you have no intention of going to a higher math level its fine, but I never memorized them cause hey, they were given, and when it came time for pre-calc and calc, i had to relearn them all over again.</p>