McDaniel COllege

<p>Anyone go here? Thoughts on this school? Athletics? (sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm new)</p>

<p>I’d suggest you go to the top of this page and click on **search<a href=“not%20%22search%20this%20thread,%22%20which%20is%20up%20and%20to%20the%20right,%20but%20%22search,%22%20which%20is%20up%20and%20in%20the%20center%20of%20the%20page”>/b</a>. Then click on “advanced search.” Once there, enter “McDaniel College” in the search field, select “title” as the field your searching, and make sure the search includes “all open forums.”</p>

<p>That should get you about a dozen threads that discuss McDaniel College.</p>