McGill '26 Application Cycle

Long shot, but is there any available data on graduation rates for U.S. students? The only data point I have come across is a 2018 Maclean’s article that says the overall 7-year grad rate is 85%, which is a little on the low side for U.S. schools with comparable admission standards. (Comparable U.S. schools start at 90% for 5-year rates and includes some large publics like UCLA, Berkeley, Michigan, UVA, UNC-Chapel Hill, so it’s not solely a function of private vs. public.)

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I self reported grades and I’m in the US

My Daughter got offer today! We are Canadian citizens living in US.


same here! i have a 3.95 UW (but freshman year was my worst year so that probably helped) and a 34 ACT. admitted pending final results for science and agric environ sci


Did they email you as soon as the decision was in Minerva?

nope i just check obsessively :sweat_smile:

My D got emails.

Son “Admitted Pending Final Results” to Arts Faculty and to Arts & Science Interfaculty.

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Congrats to all! My son who applied does not have his first semester grades yet and though we filled out the form to self report all other grades, we were under the impression we could not officially submit them until we had at least 3 final grades from the first semester (which he won’t have until Feb 1). Does that align with what others have done? Or should we be submitting the rest of the grades now? Thanks for any insight and congrats again to all who have been admitted!

We are in the same boat, and I think we are supposed to wait, but it’s anxiety-inducing to know that results are going out for US students who had their semester end before the holidays.

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Yes, we submitted the first term grades for 12th. We are on Trimester.

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Our school’s college counselor said to wait to submit the McGill self-reporting form until the official first semester/term grades are out, which will be early February. Very long wait!

Just checked my Minerva account and status is “Further Review Required”. I cannot remember what it said before or if this is an update. Anyone know what this means?

Edit: Further reading I found this, but unable to find a checklist with anything missing.
“Further Review Required - An admissions officer has reviewed your file and has requested additional information (the requested information has been added to your Minerva checklist).”

Further Review Required

An admissions officer has reviewed your file and has requested additional information (the requested information has been added to your Minerva checklist).

Please verify your Minerva checklist and submit the requested information as soon as possible; this information is required before an admission decision can be made. Please submit ONLY what has been requested. Do not submit, or ask others to submit, any additional documents, including reference letters, personal statements, or extracurricular information. Additional documents may slow the processing of your file and will not increase your chances of admission.

Applicants are responsible for monitoring the status of their own application. When providing documents, please do so in the precise manner described. Applicants failing to complete their files run the risk of file cancellation.

When all required checklist items on in Minerva show as “Received”, your file will undergo a further review by an admissions officer.

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I asked the question way upstream (as I recall) about when to report grades, and the answer I received from a long-time poster in this forum was that it was okay to input FIRST QUARTER grades (assuming you have them) even though they do not appear on the transcript. Service Point may have even confirmed this now that I think about it.

Problem is I can’t tell you exactly how to do that if you are on a semester system. In my son’s case, we were fortunate that the semester ended right about the time the portal opened, so we were able to input his first semester grades. But if the portal had opened sooner, we were prepared to figure out how to input first quarter grades and do it that way since that is (evidently) acceptable.

Bottom line, call Service Point rather than wait until February. That’s what I would do.

Thanks for the advice. I had actually called Service Point just before Christmas to get some clarity on which 12th grade marks to submit and how to identify them with the various drop-downs, but the person there seemed rather unfamiliar with the intricacies of the Self-Reporting Form (I think it was a student rather than an admissions officer).

My son’s school has two semesters (first one ends late-January), and each semester has its own ‘final’ grade. Each semester also has two ‘marking periods’ before the final grades are out. These marking periods are like unofficial progress reports. They do not go on any transcript.

The path of least resistance seems to be wait to self report grades until the semester is done in late January, with final marks released early February, but it seems at least some people have submitted these unofficial progress report marks? If so, how would one identify them? Technically, they are not quarters (especially since there are 3 of them), and they do not, in any way, represent a percentage of the final mark (like 0.25 for quarter).

I will try calling again, and I hope to speak to a more experienced person, but the path of least resistance seems to be to wait to self report until February.


Son was admitted today to Science for computer science and Software Engineering. He is a dual citizen in US high school system. He applied during the Holidays and didSAT/ACT optional.

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Did you do the US Self reported grades section and I can I asked how you entered them? I am very confused on the use of “Final” grades. My school is semester. Thanks and congrats to your son!

Well, I am not sure how much I can help you as he did this on his own. His school is trimester based so, he put in his first trimester grade. He tells me there was a drop down box where he chose “trimester”. One can choose “semester” also. Then, it had a place where he put in “incomplete” as the classes were not complete. He tells me he put in the letter grade. I am not sure if this is of any help!

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Received email yesterday that decision was in Minerva. Fwiw: Dual citizen. Accepted into Engineering. Good luck to everyone!