McGill Transfer (Entering Fall 2019)

Hey there, I am a first year US university transfer student and I was wondering what faculty you transferred into with your 4.0 GPA from the Canadian University. Was the gpa out of 4.3 or 4.0?

Hey @Levzin I have received no notification of my transfer as well.

I got into McGill last year as a transfer student with a 3.87 GPA. I got accepted first at Dessautels, at the end of June, and then two weeks later in Arts. I liked Arts better, and it was my first choice, but I was considering Dessautels because my acceptance came in late. They probably won’t start looking at your applications until May, to be honest. Good luck! McGill is awesome.

I’m also a first year US transfer applicant from a major state university, with a 4.0 out of 4.0 GPA. Still “Ready for Review”. It has been like this for more than three months.

no, nothing so far.

@matlavo1 which programs did you apply to and if you don’t mind telling, what’s your GPA?

@matlavo1 I transferred into Desautels and had a 4.0/4.0 GPA.

@Tstudent2019 if you don’t mind telling, how was your high school grades? I spoke to some people and some say that they’re important but some say that they only consider your college GPA. My grades were not bad but they were also not perfect in high school. I think I’m good if they focus on my college GPA but just out of curiosity, do you think that your high school performance had any effect on your acceptance?

@clgfrm123 I’ve heard that admissions officers place more value on your most recent grades when deciding. The further you are away from high school the less they will matter. For example if you were in your second year of university your high school grades would mean even less. You should aim for as high of a GPA as you can while taking the required amount of courses.

@Tstudent2019 do you know if 40 credits is good enough

@clgfrm123 Not sure how many courses that is for your school; however, I believe McGill requires at least 8 courses.

@jerrythemoose Hey there I am a US first year transfer candidate and I applied for Arts and for the faculty of education with a gpa of 3.7. I was wondering if you think that will cut it to get into Arts ?

@clgfrm123I applied for arts and education with a gpa of 3.7

Any updates??

@clgfrm123 nope, still under review. I guess we just need to wait until June to know the answer.

@matlavo1 A girl got accepted with a 3.6 on Late July/Early August. I would guess yes, you should be accepted! Think July maybe? Unless your school in the U.S is ranked very high. As soon as you get your acceptance letter, apply for the CAQ! It will take some time (a month), it’s a pretty straightforward application process, I completed the app in 20 minutes, it just takes some time to arrive because of bureaucracy. Super important step, if not, you may have to defer a semester.

@jerrythemoose what difference does it make if our school is ranked high? And also, what is CAQ?

@clgfrm123 Certificat d’acceptation du Quebéc
If you are non-Canadian you need to apply for this.

@jerrythemoose when did you submit your official transcript? At the end of the year, or they will ask you to submit it after the acceptance?

Do you think it’s too early to start calling the admission office about when they’re going to release decisions?