McGill vs. top US colleges

hey everyone

i have just been accepted to McGill University. I know it’s considered as one of the best in Canada, but I wanted to know how it is generally viewed in comparison with top-20 colleges in the US, eg. Cornell and Williams.


<p>what program is this for xyz?</p>

<p>Not in the same peer group as Cornell and Williams.</p>

<p>Congrats :) I am a McGill student, so if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. It's a good school in a fantastic location.</p>

<p>McGill and U of T are the premier research institutions in Canada. While they aren't in the same league as the US ivies, they are on par with schools like NYU, and McGill commands a good reputation in the US and worldwide.</p>

<p>I have loved McGill so far and haven't regretted my decision to attend here for a second. However I realise that it's probably not for everyone...if you're looking for a smaller LAC type school, it's not for you. It's a big school with lots of resources, however also larger more impersonal classes. Most of my professors have been really nice and approachable though, you just have to take time to go to their office hours and stuff. Montreal is a fabulous city, however it's a good idea to at least know a slight amount of french if you plan on coming here ;) There is a tremendous amount to do. The drinking age is 18, however most McGill students are a "party on weekends" type, due to amoutns of schoolwork.</p>

<p>Good luck with all your school applications and don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions, want photos, or anything :)

<p>i thought they release on the 18th?</p>

<p>harpgirl, is it true that non-quebec students don't get priority in course selection? my friend goes there and that's what he says</p>

<p>If It makes you feel better about applying, I'm a McGill student who just received her first acceptance to a US grad school (Columbia cough cough-- yes I'm excited!).</p>

<p>When I visited the school, I got nothing but positive feedback about the quality.
However, watch the grade deflation.</p>

<p>I thought that too, Wicked...wonder if they heard in email or snail mail?</p>

<p> grade deflation, u mean McGill gives everyone a low mark?</p>

<p>by the do they mark? curve? etc</p>

<p>perhaps i'm misinformed, but i was under the impression that McGill is on par with the Ivy Leagues at least in terms of the sciences, or medicine? i have a Canadian friend who was rejected by McGill but accepted at Harvard and a bunch of other premier US universities. does selectivity for McGill admissions vary depending on your anticipated course of study? that's another thing i've heard too, but am not sure whether it's true.</p>

<p>with sciences it is, to my knowledge, on par with the lower ivies. amazing location. seriously, the best college town ever, and a really interesting and friendly population.</p>

<p>mcgill is probably on par w/ some top american schools in med...but as far as other subjects go...not really comparable to ivies...</p>

<p>By grade deflation, I mean a concentrated effort (at least in the humanities) to make sure that class averages are at a B-, B level. They passed around a memo a year ago (my profs read it out loud) reminding professors to give Cs and Bs as much as possible. </p>

<p>Your work really, really hard to graduate with honours (generally above a B+, 3.3 average). Very few people manage.</p>

<p>i'm going to be a comp science major, if that makes much of a difference.</p>

<p>i got accepted to bcomm program..</p>

<p>How is it rated compared to top US schools?</p>

<p>also in a comparison b/w Schulich's BBA, UFT Bcomm, and MCGill Bcomm, which one has the BEST QUALITY OF EDUCATION..?</p>


<p>WOW...a 3.3 average at McGill???</p>

<p>Woudn't that be an auto reject from Med School?</p>

<p>who got rejected by McGill and accepted to Harvard?</p>

<p>i know someone too who got rejected by mcgill and accepted at harvard. i think that mcgill gives preference to canadians over international students.</p>

<p>thats true, it does give preference to canadians..
i have a 3.8 and im a canadian</p>

<p>can some1 reply to my earlier question abt mcgill bcomm</p>

<p>WOW...i will compile the unanswered questioned from this page:</p>

<p>[1] Does McGill have severe grade deflation? What are the marks you guys are getting? How do they mark? curve? etc</p>

<p>[2] In a comparison b/w Schulich's BBA, UFT Bcomm, and MCGill Bcomm, which one has the Best Quality of Education?</p>