Meeting the early action deadline for Villanova

<p>So I know that the deadline is the 1st of November, but...</p>

<p>Do I meet the deadline simply by submitting my supplement to open my application?</p>

<p>Or do I have to submit the common application in order to officially meet the deadline...</p>

<p>Its the 18th of October, and it will likely be the 20th when I send my supplement out, and the 25th when I send my commonapp in. Is this going to be frowned upon by Villanova, as it is kind of cutting it close? Not to mention that my counseler will take until about Mid-November to complete his end.. Im kind of worrried =/</p>

<p>The common app and the supplement with the supplemental essay and fee must be submitted by the deadline. To the best of my knowledge, everything from your school also needs to be in by the deadline, including guidance report and transcript. (Some other colleges allow a few days grace period for the school’s materials, or say it has to be “postmarked” by the deadline if mailed.)</p>

<p>Please check to be sure, but I don’t believe Villanova requires a teacher recommendation. </p>

<p>I recommend not waiting until the last day to submit in case there is a technical qlitch. Also, some computer systems get overwhelmed right before a deadline.</p>