Mercersburg Academy

<p>Hi:) I got accepted into Mercersburg Academy and want to learn more about it (I got accepted to some other schools and want to make sure I choose the correct one).
What are the academy's strongest departments, best teachers, etc? Just write whatever comes to your mind: everything will be helpful!
Sth about me: female, junior, international, love chemistry:)

so um I know little to nothing about Mercersburg, but I got accepted as well!
I'm also a junior and am international :)..and am female!
so.. I guess I would like to know the same things that you do!
Pm if you want</p>

<p>First of all, congratulations to you both on your acceptance to Mercersburg!</p>

<p>My daughter goes there and is a junior. It has been a wonderful experience for her; everything from two trips (Costa Rica and India), lots of AP courses, great teachers, and the ability to try new things. Diverse student body, nice dorms, and yes, it is in the middle of nowhere. I think its location adds to the cohesiveness of the kids there. What else are you going to do but hang with friends on campus?
Do a search on this forum and put in either my user name or simply "zp". I've posted extensively about Mercersburg. Or you can always pm me.</p>


This really helped :)</p>

<p>Very rich kids who dress to impress. Some faculty there because families rich donors. Some teachers outstanding such as the French and Dance teachers. Easy for kids to "ditch" meals. In the middle of no where and takes hours to get there from any airport. Reportedly high availability of drugs.</p>

<p>To each his own. Mercersburg has been the best experience imaginable for my daughter. Princess'Dad's daughter went there and had a bad experience. Neither is right or wrong. It is all about fit.</p>

<p>Choose wisely.</p>


<p>I got accepted to Mercersburg!!! Pm me if you were too!! I'm a freshman and a female</p>

<p>*going to be a freshman</p>

<p>i got accepted tooo!!! pm me pleaseee :) *freshman female</p>

<p>Can you all tell me anything about you like grades and sports and whatever and be completely honest? I'm worried I won't get in..</p>