Messed up Junior Year Grades so badly... is there any chances for me left?

<p>Hi-- </p>

<p>I transferred from 9th grade to a very competitive charter high school (illinois math and science academy) where i've pretty much screwed up grades 10th grade, but 11th grade it got a lot worse, and right now i am really worried colleges, especially good ones, won't even look at me because of my grades. It was somewhat discouraging to hear my counselor say so too. </p>

<p>Soph year first semseter : 3 A's, one A-, one B+
second semester: 4 A's, one B+</p>

<p>Junior year (this is where it all goes downhill because I took on too many extracurrics and harder classes) : first semester: 3 As, 2 B+, one B
second semester: 3 A's, 1 A-, 1 B+</p>

<p>Senior year im dumbing down the classes and will hopefully have 3-4 A's and A-, 2-3 B+ </p>

<p>I don't know if that just ruins my chances at places like University of Chicago, Northwestern, John Hopkins, Darthmouth (which is Ivy, so chances are probabaly miniscule) </p>

<p>IMSA doesn't have a GPA system, so I can calculate my GPA based on a 4.0 scale, but it is a little unfair since we don't have any A+s here and nothing below a D (if you get D or lower you fail the class), and I don't know if the colleges will look at it. </p>

<p>I got a 2200 on my SAT, and am going to retake it for a hopefully higher score, but I don't know if that would mean anything if my grades suck so badly. </p>

<p>Is there any chances left for me to get into these schools even with my grades?</p>

<p>What is your class rank like?</p>

<p>we don't have class rank</p>

<p>I think you're ok at Chicago with a good essay. Make sure you interview. NU and Hopkins are more problematic, and Dartmouth more so. So, you have the top of you list. You will help yourself at these schools with very good SAT II's, well-crafted essays, and well-chosen teachers for recommendations. </p>

<p>Your grades, while not perfect, are really quite good for a competitve school. You just need a few more schools on your list that are not so selective. What are you thinking of majoring in?</p>

<p>Pre-Med/ Neuroscience ... I feel so stupid saying it now though because I feel like I am too dumb to possibly be thinking about going into medicine</p>

<p>Man.. my grades in 9th grade were like 3 A+s and 2 A's, and now they have gone down to B's... life sucks.</p>

<p>someone please reply.</p>

<p>Good, I've looked at and visited schools with neuroscience departments - that is one may son is interested in. Brandeis and U of Rochester both have good neuro departments, and Rochester also has a cogitive department - talked with profs from both on our visit. These are both very good schools that are not impossible to get into - and merit aid would be a possibility. Brandeis has a very high med school admit rate.</p>

<p>As a safety I would suggest Allegheny College - it would be a lot hotter in the Northeast. Again, good neuro, and you would have excellent access to professors. If you are thinking of premed, your grades and professor rec's will be very important. Allegheny would give you all of these.</p>

<p>oh my god man, u are soooo screwed...
start looking at the community colleges, thats the only place wull get in. im not sure if they have neuroscience or not. im sure they dont, or u could make up a transcript and go to some third world country. im sure Wkulskela University would great on your resume.</p>

<p>Junior year (this is where it all goes downhill because I took on too many extracurrics and harder classes) : first semester: 3 As, 2 B+, one B
second semester: 3 A's, 1 A-, 1 B+</p>

<p>wow that sure is downhill.............a 3.5 and a 3.83. oh man youre screwed</p>

<p>nah just kidding
do well on ur sat2s/sat1/ap tests if u have them
if those classes are weighted
u might have a decent chance at johns hopkins
but chicago and dartmouth could be a problem</p>

<p>If it makes you feel better...
I got straight Bs my junior year (3 B-s, 2 Bs, 1 B+) and I got into Wesleyan University early decision with great SATs/ECs.</p>

<p>Might want to look at some good LAC's like Bowdoin, Holy Cross, or Davidson.</p>

<p>Bowdoin has neuroscience :-)</p>

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<p>Since when are B+'s and A-'s such insanely horrible grades? Geez...I expected you to say that you had gotten C's and D's for all of junior year.</p>

<p>Dumbing down your senior year schedule will not do you any favors for getting into competitive schools. Your grades are fine for a competitive high school if you have a rigourous program. dd got into U Chicago with 4 A's and 2 B's every year. However she has fantastic Ec's.</p>

<p>yea, and school liks to see that u are taking rigorous classes, not slowing it down senior year. my, you really have much of the college process very well thought out, now dont you.</p>

<p>my.. you aren't very well liked are you?</p>

<p>While your grades could be better, they aren't horrible, as other people on this thread have made clear (note the "you're the most pathetic person I have seen" above, lol). Although I understand, I come from a competitive high school too, and here everyone considers it dying if they get under an A-. But it won't be that bad, colleges will look at that you are at a compettive high school and take that into account. A B would be like an A- at a normal public high school, you know what I mean? It'll work out. </p>

<p>Wow crumflake... you sound nice.</p>