Messed up Sophomore Year

<p>My cumulative gpa (all unweighted) is a 3.1. I had a 3.9 beginning of freshman year, but screwed around the end of freshman year and the first semester of my sophomore year. Now, I'm in the second semester of my sophomore year, have only a few semesters until I start applying for colleges, and I need to find some way to get a scholarship or financial aid--practically anything. And I know now that all I can do is get almost all A's each semester to raise my cumulative gpa to a 3.5 at the most.
I am taking all of the honors classes I can, I'm in two AP classes, and I am a year ahead in math (used to be two years ahead, but I really messed up the beginning of this year).
I used to be on the dance team, but I had to pull myself out last semester since I needed to focus on school. Realizing that I actually need some extracurricular activities now, I was thinking about joining DECA or key club and trying out for cheer for this coming fall season or waiting until the winter of next year. The reason why I was thinking about trying out for cheer was because I feel like I'd have a higher chance of getting a scholarship for cheer than for dance.
I'm also stuck between either continuing taking all of the AP and honors courses or doing running start. My parents want me to do running start because they want me to get my AA before I graduate highschool, and they think its the only chance I have at getting into a college without having to pay as much. I, however, want to continue taking the AP and honors courses because I'm not ready to leave the high school.
I'm an Asian female, and I want to be a chemical engineer. Personally, I've wanted to go anywhere in California, specifically UCLA, but I don't think that can happen for me anymore. What are the chances of me getting into a good university? Is joining cheer a smart choice? Should I do running start? Did I mess up really badly? And if so, what do I do?</p>

<p>Depending on where you are, you can take classes at your local community college for school credit to get ahead or replace AP classes you’ve already taken. In doing so, you would be able to get back on track and participate in more extracurricular activities (of which you do need more of). Good Luck!</p>

<p>Are you in-state for UCLA?</p>

<p>The GPA of interest for CSUs and UCs adds one grade point to your best eight AP/IB/honors classes (or just AP and IB if OOS)…</p>

<p>I am OOS for UCLA</p>