Miami of Ohio Early Admissions Fall 2022

I applied to Miami as a reach school and I didn’t expect to get in. I got accepted as an Environmental Earth Science major, OOS, 3.5 GPA, 1140 SATs, and 10K off. I know there is a significant drop off from my stats to others in the forum but I thought I’d offer mine for anyone else who has more moderate or lower score. I will most likely not end up in Miami based on cost but I will say that the campus is amazing. When my mother and I drove through it, we were left in shock at how pretty it was. There were so many pretty brick buildings and a lot of open areas of green space. The campus was the biggest factor for me applying to Miami. Good luck to people who got in and those who are going to apply soon, best of luck.


Thank you for your insights and congratulations on your acceptance! Whatever you decide, best of luck to you!

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My son was accepted to Miami a couple weeks ago and is seriously considering it, and I also have a daughter who is a junior at Miami. She’s a 4-yr combined BS/MS Biochemistry major with a premed co-major, medical humanities minor, and has been doing research now for 2 years. She came in with a lot of AP and CCP credits so she’ll be able to graduate with both her bachelors and masters degrees in 4 years. She absolutely loves Miami! They have so many orgs and opportunities to choose from. Miami is a big Greek school. She’s extremely involved on campus and she loves Ox-Vegas, as the students call it lol. As a parent, I couldn’t have asked for a better college for her. She’s definitely taken advantage of all that’s available to her. I love it! It’s definitely the most beautiful campus!


This is the exact track my daughter, who was just admitted will be on.
Is your daughter in the Honors college and is she in a sorority?

Love to hear this! As I mentioned, my daughter will be a STEM major, lives for it (her team is the defending State Robotics Champion), but like your daughter, she is really looking forward to social opportunities. Miami is quickly becoming a household favorite.
Is anyone attending the accepted students days?

She’s not in the honors college. She is in a sorority and last year she was their Sisterhood Program Specialist and this year she is the VP of Membership Experience. She absolutely loves her soror. Recruitment (rush) takes place at the beginning of spring semester. She is a member of the premed fraternity and on the exec board for SWIM (Society of Women in Medicine). She is a member of MedLife and a Shakerette, which is a dance team that performs with the MUMB and cheers on the sidelines at football games and performs at basketball games. They were just in Texas last week for the Frisco Classic Bowl. She’s also on the Mallory Wilson Center Student Advisory Board and on the alumni committee. She is doing the Miami-Boonshoft School of Medicine Mentorship program through the MWC. This year she has a 2-semester volunteer position in the ED at McCullough Hyde Hospital. The prof that she’s been doing breast cancer research with the past 2 years is also her Masters program mentor professor. She begins her graduate classes this semester. The past 2 summers her study abroad trip to Gambia, Africa was canceled due to covid. So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed it doesn’t get canceled this summer. Study Abroad is also huge at Miami. There’s all kinds of opportunities. I can’t say enough great things about Miami. The Crawfords (Pres and his wife) are very involved and present on campus.

There is so much to choose from! Look up Miami University Hub and it will list all of the different orgs on campus. Students can even create their own organization. A friend of mine, whose daughter also attends Miami, started her own org last year and it’s becoming really popular this year. Congrats on her acceptance!

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My daughter was accepted for fall 2022 and she sounds similar to your daughter. She’s coming in with 2 full years of college classes she took her junior and now senior year in high school at a state university. Since she could also graduate early from Miami, so that’s awesome to hear that there’s an option to grad in 4yrs with a BS & MS! She’s thinking of majoring in Biology with the premed co-major. It sounds like they have some great opportunities there! Did the school help with finding the volunteer opportunities? Do they also help with finding shadowing opportunities with doctors or summer employment? I know you need to have a lot of volunteer, work and shadowing hours for med school applications.

My daughter did the BS/MS also because she doesn’t want to take a gap year. Graduating early in 3 years, you would need to take the MCAT during your 2nd year and apply to medical school after your 2nd year is over to be able to go from undergrad to medical school without a gap year. The first 2.5 years are courses preparing for the MCAT: 2 semesters of General Chem/lab (year #1), 2 semesters Organic Chem/Lab (year #2), 2 semesters physics (year #2), biochemistry and human physiology (1st semester year #3). Plus sociology, psychology, biology/cell biology and lab. She started studying for the MCAT in the summer and is presently doing nonstop studying for the MCAT that she takes at the end of this month. She has the premedical studies co-major which insures that all the classes they need to have to apply for medical school and prepare for the MCAT. The premed fraternity, Phi Delta Epsilon, is very selective and competitive to get into, but has so many resources. It’s definitely something to take advantage of. She received some of her shadow hours from a speaker they had. Also, their philanthropy is The Children’s Miracle Network and they will go to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to volunteer. I highly recommend applying. Also, the Mallory Wilson Center has a lot of opportunities that my daughter has taken advantage of. They’ll have speakers, mentorships, preceptorships, shadowing, etc… It’s definitely helped that she’s on their student advisory board. The past 2 years have been difficult to get shadowing and volunteer hours because of covid. But it has gotten easier. My girl has over 100+hours each in shadowing, medical volunteering, and non-medical volunteering. Yes, normally there are opportunities to do these. The hospital in Oxford has 2-semester volunteer commitments each year to apply to. My girl is doing this now. Also, each sorority has a philanthropy. My daughter’s sorority is the Ronald McDonald House. They just started back last semester to be able to go to the one in Cincinnati and volunteer. My daughter really likes the premed and MWC advisor. She’s very helpful. Also, your daughter will need some type of “medical experience”. Some students do scribing, medical assisting, get their EMT during the summer, or being a nursing assistant. Mine has been a nursing assistant since she graduated high school. It definitely takes careful planning if she attends to go to medical school directly after graduating college. Many students take a gap year to get their extra “requirements” and study for the MCAT. Your daughter can do a BS/MS program, double major, have another minor or two, and a co-major. There’s lots of options I will say. I hope that helps! Miami has prepared her very well. I will say, you will hear lots of chatter on the parent Facebook page every year about how hard the Chemistry and Calculus courses are at Miami. STEM majors are not easy, but the kids definitely have to study and work hard. Definitely go visit. Oxford is a small, rural town. We love it there.

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I’m an advisor at that sorority for my college alma mater! Knowing she’s a fellow sister and all she’s accomplished so far, she’s definitely an amazing girl! It sounds like there are so great opportunities there! I really think it will be a great fit for my daughter! I had heard that many do a gap year after college, my daughter is hoping that she might not need one and graduating with a masters is a definite bonus.

Who has seen pFP pending on admission letter

I think it’s supposed to be in the acceptance letter

Does anyone have experience with Miami sending additional merit or is the initial merit award the final offer? Not that I’m complaining about their generous merit, just wondering when it’s time to make a decision or if waiting is better…

My daughter attends Miami University. If your son/daughter applied for Honors, they may get an additional $1-2K in the spring, but otherwise, we did not find that Miami sends any additional merit at a later date.

Thank you. Miami is leading the list in our house, just weighing the options.

Is there any rush to put down a housing deposit? Son is still very undecided but I think Miami is a top contender. Just want to make sure we’re not missing anything

Freshmen students at Miami are assigned a room by the University. They can choose a roommate prior, but the actual residence hall building and room is assigned and there is not an opportunity for freshmen to choose. Certain LLC’s (Living Learning Communities) have been in the same residence hall for years, but some of those also change locations yearly. I really do not see a benefit to rushing to put down a housing deposit.


Awesome. Thank you. Now I remember that from our tour. These schools are all starting to blend together.

My daughter was accepted for biochemistry. She is concerned about the sorority “vibe” there though and the perceived lack of diversity. I’m hoping she gets into the honors college, which might be more her speed. What kind of research is she doing? We went to the science day and took a tour of the biochem building. She was impressed!

My daughter has been doing breast cancer research now for 2 years. I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly what they’re doing because when she talks about it she uses all these biochem terms that I’m clueless about lol. There’s 4 of them in their group and they’ve been working with one of the professors. He was actually one of her professors for a class she had last semester and is her mentor professor for her masters program. Students will generally interview with a professor to do research with them. My girl loves her sorority, but if your daughter isn’t into that, there’s so many other opportunities. I think about 30% of students are Greek. There are professional, community service, music, and honors co-ed fraternities, which are totally different than social frats and sororities. My daughter is in a premed fraternity too. It’s definitely a different vibe, but she loves it. I would recommend checking out Miami University Hub. It lists a lot of the different organizations on campus.

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