Michigan Chances For Oh Resident!! Urgent!!

<p>My Scores:
ACT: taken twice
Comp: 28 28
M: 29 31
R: 29 29
S: 29 27
E: 25 26</p>

M: 670
V: 610
W: 560</p>

<p>GPA unweighted 3.93
Rank: 9 of 130
Lots of extracurriculars
Ohio Resident
White Male</p>

<p>I am thinking either engineering or business. I think my scores may be a little low for a couple. Any other schools that would be good matches in my region for the programs I am looking at??</p>

<p>I took just about the hardest classes available at my h.s. A few AP's and some honors courses, especially in science and math. </p>

<p>My reccomendation letters should be very good and I essays are good also.</p>

<p>I have the middle 50%ACT and around a 4.0 on their grading scale(which is just soph/junior year gpa) for UofM. My father and grandpa graduated from UofM. (father grad business school, grandpa undergrad. / varsity tennis player)</p>

<p>Just sent in my Mich app. I know it's a little late..</p>

<p>Man, I am sending mine out tomorrow.</p>

<p>You WILL get in for sure.</p>

<p>You have solid test scores, good GPA, good EC, and a legacy...</p>


<p>Well, seeing as how Ohio St. beat U Mich last month, I'd say U Mich isn't too excited about accepting Ohio Residents (they could be spies sent by OSU) so you should find a good safety...j/k...you should get accepted, but the downside is your SAT, but it won't kill you.</p>

<p>You NEED to send in your application ASAP, if you haven't already, because it will hurt in admissions as it is rolling, and you're already late. </p>

<p>However, you should get in. About 80% chance.</p>