<p>Can anyone tell me the common areas where a microwave can be found especially some place close to Sunset Village.</p>

<p>if there aren't any in the lounges, they are definitely near the vending machines which should be located somewhere in the building.</p>

<p>No vending machines inside SV that I know of...Or microwaves. The then closest microwave was at Sproul lobby.</p>

<p>i lived in sunset courtside last yr; twas very convenient having my own microfridge so rent one if u can</p>


<p>When I lived in Delta Terrace, there were microwaves in most lounges, as well as vending machines by the laundry room and next to that little entrance to the elevator.</p>

<p>UCLAri, you're right. Yeah they have those soda machines at the elevators for Delta Terrace. Come to think about it, there is one in Canyon Point's laundry room as well. But I was thinking of the more comprehensive vending locations with drinks, snacks, ice cream, etc.</p>

<p>As for the microfridges, they did have them in lounges until they took them out at the beginning of last year; at least for Canyon Point and the one or two Delta Terrace lounge I've been to. So I just made the assumption they took them away from all SV lounges. :D</p>