Mid year reports

<p>My gpa is not quiet were I want it to be which is a 3.4. My school has a 4 block schedule and each academic class Is worth 1 credit. We have no APs or honors. We also have online classes that are range from a variety of subjects. I plan on taking some of those too. I will be a senior starting next week and I was wondering if I get straight As on the mid year report will that help me recover somewhat from my gpa? The classes are advanced college biology, british lit or English comp II, and business Math. P.S I took English comp last year and got an A. Would taking comp II and getting an A look good?</p>

<p>Any improvement in grades will help as long as the college is one that makes regular admission decisions in March or April and requests mid-year reports. The majority of colleges actually make decisions based on grades through junior year and do not want mid-year reports. However, most of your high ranked private universities require mid-year reports (most public universities don't want them). Also, even for ones that want mid-year reports, you should not assume that one good senior semester will overcome three years of lower performance.</p>