Midwest LACs with Good Men's Tennis Programs

<p>Asking this for a friend who will a contender for a state title in Iowa... Can anyone suggest a good tennis school? He knows about U of Iowa, but is looking at smaller schools as well. Any suggestions much appreciated! Thanks.</p>

<p>Division III midwestern schools currently ranked in the top 30 for men's tennis:</p>

<p>Washington University of St. Louis, Kenyon, Gustavus, University of Chicago, Kalamazoo, Denison.</p>

<p>Kalamazoo College. It has a historically powerful tennis program and a stunning tennis stadium and indoor racket complex. Incredibly, it has won its conference title every year for 71 years, and numerous national titles. I believe it hosts the National Juniors events every year.</p>

<p>It's also a great school completely apart from its tennis prowess. My son attends there and wouldn't know Rafael Nadal from Bjorn Borg.</p>

<p>Thanks for the suggestions. Kalamazoo sounds especially good.</p>

<p>I don't know Kalamazoo outside of Junior Nationals, but it is an utterly amazing place for tennis. Best tennis city in America IMO. If you're looking for a small team where you can play, have some success, and be at an LAC, talk to the coach Mark Riley and I'd definitely suggest it</p>