Midwest Math/Physics Colleges

<p>I am looking for a top college in the midwest for math and physics. Rank is 41 our of 571 (Top 8%), weighted GPA of 4.15, lots of advanced classes, AP of 5 on chemistry and calculus. First ACT score was a 32 (with a score of 36 in math). Second ACT score was a 33 (with a 34 in math). </p>

<p>Dream school is Univ. of Chicago, but not sure if will be accepted (and not sure if accepted whether can afford). Also looking at Univ. of Illinois, Illinois Institute of Technology. </p>

<p>Any thoughts on chances at these schools as well as other suggestions appreciated.</p>

<p>Northwestern, Carleton, U of M IT, UW-Madison.... I think you may be more competitive for U of C than you think.</p>

<p>Check out Lawrence University. They have wonderful financial aid as well. I met one of their physic's graduates this summer on his way to Cal Tech for graduate studies.</p>

<p>I seconded Carleton. As a LAC, it has a very strong science department. You should also check out the ones fhimas and overseas suggested--always keep your options open. And true, you have a very solid academic preparation for uchicago. Good luck!</p>