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The number of boarders is low, but we are a two hour drive away and I have close friends nearby. I can see where it would be helpful to have a much larger boarding community when very far from home.


That’s funny.

But seriously, which one IS better?



There should never be any threads asking “X or Y” because you already heavily researched the schools you applied to, you spent a serious amount of time answering why each school is a good fit for you and why you are are a good fit for it, and you did not apply to any school you wouldn’t be happy to attend, so you already know you have no bad or wrong decisions. Ultimately, only you and your family can decide among options should you be fortunate enough to have them. Most of these soon-to-appear useless threads are nothing but not-so-humblebragging which is why @skieurope will delete them for at least the next week. Try not to to be tone-deaf.

Good luck everyone, and let us know your results through the decision thread.


But if it gets deleted, how will they know they made the right choice and won’t end up living in a cardboard box? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


i agree with the “should i choose A or B” posts- kinda unnecessary. but what about posts like “what are the dorms like at school X”

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Those are fine and could be asked at any time. Especially with no or online visits only, the experience of others who have lived in the dorms you’re asking about is valuable. However, this particular question has been asked many times, so you might want to do a search first before you ask. If it’s a school discussed here with any frequency, you will get plenty of hits. Here are some examples:

Boys Dorms

Choate Dorms

Dorms: How to Choose

Pictures of Dorms

What doesn’t make sense to post is which school is best/best for me? No one here can answer that. We don’t know you and, even if we did, we couldn’t make a better decision than you can (and will).

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The freak out thread feels way over the top this year. As a parent, if I were waiting on a decision for my kid, I don’t think I could read it this year. Way too stressful!

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We have a thread for parents to worry on:

Perhaps it’s time to resurrect a Part 2.

As it is every year. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks @mondaydevil – I take that as high praise.
In your corner – this is YOUR YEAR. I feel it!!!
Do you remember last year you called me your CC mom? I literally had tears in my eyes when I read that and I may get teary when you get all your results.


that is literally so wholesome.

THANK YOU!! I have such a huge smile on my face right now and thank you for everything this year ((((:

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My DD is very similar to you @mondaydevil and when I read your posts a little part of my thinks, is this my kid? I think you are in NH and Asian. Forgive me if I have that wrong. And she’s also reapplying this year. But different school lists! Good luck tomorrow. I know first hand how much courage it takes to do this twice. Wishing you all the best!!

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@Calliemomofgirls , I hear you on the early thing. But having gone through a version of the same with colleges – which offered paid fly-ins, merit $, etc. – and which had some nice traction through the dark of winter, it was amazing how quickly most fell aside when there was an onslaught of acceptances from other schools, especially ones that had been higher up the list before any decisions were received, came.

But the early ones had gotten serious consideration, which might not have been the case had they arrived with all the late March acceptances, and at least one made it into the top 4, which was way above its original desirability position.

Oh wow that’s super interesting! It’d be funny if we’ve actually know each other in real life, but I’m 90% sure my mom doesn’t have a CC account haha. Either way, thank you and best of luck to you and your DD too!

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My husband just got a call from Exeter saying our daughter is being wait listed for 9th grade. He’s an alum, so it looks like they do let legacy applicants know in advance if they are wait listed/rejected.


May I ask were you FP or FA applicant?
I hope it works out with the other schools you daughter applied.

I don’t think it matters with FA at Exeter? My understanding was that they are need blind and have enough money to award all the money they need to?

Just for the record, the M10 2018 Freakout thread only had 1250 posts :joy:


There still has been nothing from @PhotographerMom Is anyone else as worried as I am?