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Am I the only parent who had no clue AP exams were this week? :grimacing:

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I had no idea until I read your post. :joy:

AP exams are a sore subject here. DD is taking 3 AP classes. When we finally looked at registration through her cyber we discovered it was being held 4 hours away. We then inquired about taking in our district and found out their registration had closed a month prior. So, thought we were out of luck and I just deleted all further emails from the school about AP. Then about a month ago saw one that said online AP test so opened and read it. But when I checked with the cyber was told too bad, it’s too late. Annoying. Oh well, saves me some money and I hear many schools don’t give credit anymore.

I’m not even sure how DS paid for his— or when he registered. But he told us this weekend that AP exams started today…he’s taking 4 classes. Luckily, they are being held at the school. But a few are already conflicting with his finals

At SPS, they registered in the fall but didn’t have to pay anything. They could sign up for whatever they wanted and will only need to pay for the tests they actually take. I’m not sure how the school arranged this with College Board but perhaps your son’s school did something similar.

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I’m definitely not complaining! LOL

My DD didn’t want to take the exams so that could be why I wasn’t clued in sooner about registration issues LOL. But she starts at Deerfield in the fall and I believe will be required to test if she takes AP classes there.

Poll – how many 2021 parents are sending out graduation announcements?

I am! I’m from a big family, so I ordered enough to send to our family since we can’t have guests at graduation. Shutterfly is having a sale (I think they always are…)!

You know you are the reason I am asking, right? :rofl: That and the fact many of DS’s prior classmates from the LDS are sending them.

I never thought to do so, but realize there won’t be any invitations to send out due to COVID…

I figured :rofl:

Happy National Nurse’s Day to all of our CC parents who brave the healthcare frontlines!


Hi all. First the awkward bit, I’ve been off of CC for a while, and as expected no WL movement in D’s favor. So most likely she will be staying in LPS. I will post a bit of a recap on my journey thread for the benefit of future applicants, but it took a couple months to get emotionally where I can probably give a fair and honest assesment, plus I’ve been busy and focused elsewhere. It probably will happen this summer. Not why I’m making this post, just an FYI.

This is a completely miscellaneous post having nothing to do with BS, but I’m posting it here because many of you that are frequent posters in this thread have asked about my son’s wrestling journey so I wanted to give an update. He tried to make the Olympic trials last month, there is a big tournament for everyone who hasn’t yet qualified to take one of the last 1-2 spots at the trials. The bad news is that he didn’t make it. The good news is that imho opinion (and many of you know I am a pretty harsh judge so this isn’t just a dad pumping his kid up) he is probably top 20 in the country at his Olympic weight, and for Olympics they compress regular world competition weights from 10 weight classes to 6. At his age he’s probably several years from his peak performance, so while he was a bit disappointed I took it as a good sign for the future.

He had a more disappointing outing last week and placed second in his age group world team trials (18-20 year olds), which qualifies him for the Pan Am Championships next month but not the World Championships this fall in Russia. He was in probably the most stacked bracket at trials and didn’t get scored on until finals, so that is a good sign for the future too I think. He just has to find a way to get by one more guy.

Anyway, thanks again for the support and kind words I received from this crew, both on his progress and on D’s attempt at BS. Since she is probably going to stay put for 4 years I will probably not be here as often as I was, because really for the next couple of years I have no one making this type of decision. But I will check back in periodically, and if anyone needs a pineapple pizza recipe just give me a shout.


So glad to hear from you!! I’ve missed your voice.

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No promises but I may still loiter here a bit. I did really enjoy this group, and not just for the BS advice.


Thanks for the update about your son. I appreciate your advice regarding wrestling and wish both your son and daughter the best. I hope your daughter ends up in a good place. Selfishly, as a parent, the benefit is that you get an extra four years together!

That is true. And I do think our relationship (especially hers with me but also a bit her and her mom) has improved a ton since I started asking questions here in August. Part of that I think is that she has always been #4 and kind of tagging along with whatever we were doing with the older siblings. She saw with the BS application process that we were willing to make her a priority and do everything possible to get her in the best possible situation, and make a lot of sacrifices for her happiness (even if it ultimately didn’t work out). As a parent you probably know that was always the case, but I’m not sure she realized it before. That’s her siblings read on the situation, and I think they are probably right.

Also, the social mess was a big part of me wanting her to move. That isn’t great but is a bit better. We have 2 middle schools that combine into the HS. I think she sees a few girls that might be more her “tribe” at the other middle school, so she is looking forward to the social reset. One of her older brothers had a lot of the same friends from MS when he went to HS, but her other brother did pretty much completely change friend groups in HS. So she is hoping that works out.

I think she is also just getting a bit more mature and realizing that in 4 years she will be gone, and most likely in a place better suited to her. Not to wish away all of HS, but I think it seems like a much more finite time period than it did to her before. So when things get a bit rough, she will know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Also she is a pretty staunch liberal, surrounded by kids still wearing Trump 2020 gear. Even though that still isn’t great and she still gets harassed quite a bit in school, it has toned down a bit post election. I wouldn’t say that is good, but I think at least a bit less bad. Also I think at the HS she will find a couple more like-minded kids, and I also think the teachers do a better job of controlling the situation and not just making it worse. Right now she has a couple teachers that occasionally go off on rants about the crazy liberals destroying our country.


Certainly don’t need the recipe. (I view pizzas as flat casseroles…)

However, good luck to your son, and even better luck to your daughter. On the up side, she has had a chance to see that there is a much bigger world than where she is now.

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Good to hear from you!
Congratulations to your son for his current and future accomplishments! And to your daughter for going through the challenging process regardless of the outcome.

We’ve missed you. I’m glad your family is well!

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