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I just did two different boarding schools on opposite coasts and a Midwest college, I’m wiped!


For current BS parents interested in NMSF, the predicted cutoff for MA and NJ (which typically set the hurdle for BSs) is less than or equal to 221. Best of luck!

I think he confirmed that for MA but it seems unconvinced about NJ?

Oh my gosh I miss my kiddo! It’s only been a week and I am dying to FaceTime her but she’s been too busy.


Hang in there! The start of the school year is overloaded at every school I think. She will have downtime soon - maybe work out a regular time for weekly FaceTime calls once she is settled in. (Also - this probably means she is having a great time)

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After the 4th time moving kiddo into the dorm, I came up with an idea….As part of their pre-marital counseling, all couples should be assigned a student (at either college or BS) for move-in day. They must move the student into the dorm….good test of team work, patience, stress tolerance, organization, and priorities.



This last week was really rough—both a tornado and a hurricane hit the L’ville area at the same time. Luckily, everyone on campus was safe, but from what I’ve heard from the boarders they had to stay in the basement all night, which wasn’t very fun.

In COVID news, there appears to have been 6 positives (all among vaccinated individuals). No discernable community spread, though.

Am I the only BS parent already missing last year’s COVID inspired online parent meetings?

Kiddo’s school has started posting the various parent meetings… in person.

Kiddo1 was in the basement for three hours…and campus lost power for a while. It sounds like her house had a fun time with it, but I was worried about the new second formers. As it was only their second night on campus, I’d guess a few of them were feeling quite homesick.

School has kept all of you incredibly busy!! I know kiddo1 is looking forward to next Sunday when she finally gets a “day off”.

Cate had a power outage on freshman move-in day, too! I am going to interpret it as a good omen.

The school had to scramble to reorganize their Outings Week, because the National forests were just closed this week statewide (fires). They have learned to deal with the unpredictable. They figured it out. Sophomores are going to camp at Joshua Tree, which should be … hot. Juniors get Yosemite, and Freshmen get the campus to themselves. Seniors get their choice of chaperoning any class trip or doing a college tour. Fingers crossed this is the worst obstacle of the year. 5 years ago such a break from tradition would have been outrageous. Now? That’s just how things roll.


Initial Covid testing at DD’s school had zero cases and all were re-tested yesterday. Fingers crossed for a safe year for all!


Great news @anonmom2! I have a friend who has a kid at a college where 98% of students are vaxxed and 7% tested positive. Much unhappiness about the return to more strict measures…

US News rankings….and the impact on strategic planning

Such a fascinating phenomenon. I guess with any algorithm or test, the longer it exists, the easier it becomes to game, and thus the less value it actually has.


Mine can never FaceTime because it is so loud in his dorm. He is coming home this weekend which I am a little worried about. ( 2 weeks at BS, we live 60 miles away). Hope it doesn’t mean he is unhappy.

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We are in the same boat-kiddo wants us to visit next weekend-will be two weeks from start. This coming week is her birthday so it’s to celebrate that but I also think she really wants to see us. Some times she seems to be doing great and others she is anxious. Anyone else have some insight or experience?

I have two kids who attend different schools, both boarding. While there is a lot of commonality among BSs (dorm setup, dining hall seating, sports, activities), every school also has a different support system. Chemistry between roommates, interaction with advisors/prefects, involvement in new activities all make a difference in the child’s acclimation. My older one survived a very competitive school, yet my younger one is still struggling after two weeks at a seemingly friendly school, so it all depends.

I believe most schools do a pretty job keeping the kids occupied. Once they start getting busy with the sport/activity they like, they will tend to move on and worry less. I know it is hard (I find myself worrying at times), but I’d suggest that you give your child a few weeks to settle in and acclimate.

Good luck!

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@CarnegieDad makes some good points about letting your student settle in and make friends through sports, activities, and socializing outside the hall…acclimation to the school environment…(here it comes)….

But, if your kiddo is at a school where ALL the first year girls/boys live in the same dorm, it can feel isolating….especially if there are cultural/language differences.

When my kiddo was a first year, the first weekend was “closed” but parents from a radius of 100 miles came anyway to bring dorm decor, food, and items they left from home…The next week, when athletic games began, parents arrived to watch their kids play. If you are a kid from far away, a different region of the country, or different country….it can make you feel lonely. No, my kiddo did not have parents visiting every home game who look like middle-aged versions of Barbie & Ken with the golden retriever accessory. :roll_eyes:

Here’s the big red flag: If your kid is experiencing social exclusion, shaming, isolation, frequent arguments or serious passive aggressive behaviors by roomie, significant changes in mood/sleep/appetitive, or choosing to isolate themselves…please do not wait to get your student support. Schools have different ways to access support/help…it could be the dorm parent, peer counselor, health center counselor/psychologist, advisor, or student life dean.