Missing a requirement or 2 for UC admission

<p>Hey, I'm currently taking classes at my local CC. I plan to apply to transfer to a few UC schools this november. Does this mean that the GPA they will base admission on will be what I do before this fall? Also, when I tell them what classes I plan to take in the spring, what happens if the class is unavailable or there is a scheduling conflict, will they revoke my admission? </p>

<p>The thing is, I plan to finish all the requirements for UC berkeley engineering, but if im not accepted there I will be missing a few requirements for UCLA engineering or UCSD engineering. If I'm not accepted, can I try back the next year when I have all the requirements are completed? Can I apply to berkeley engineering again? thanks</p>

<p>bumpity bump</p>

<p>your gpa will be based on your grade including the fall,and they require you to have an overall 3.0 for the admission after they accept you(so only an overall B in the spring :) ).</p>

<p>if the classes you wanna take in the spring have schedule conflict you should immediately notify the UCs you apply,they will not revoke your admission.</p>

<p>if you miss 2 courses for ucsd,ucd, you are okay. for for ucla,you will NOT okay.check it out
<a href="http://www.seasoasa.ucla.edu/articulation.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.seasoasa.ucla.edu/articulation.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>of course you can always apply again with no harm.</p>

<p>well...good luck to you,and good luck to me for this coming week~~~</p>

<p>but the fall semester ends in december...i have to apply by nov. 30th right?</p>

<p>Yes, HeavyMetalG0d, but they do ask for your fall term grades (correct?). They also make sure that you have through fall semester/quarter to complete your prerequisites -- which means that you do need to have those done by the time you finish fall semester/quarter.</p>

<p>two reqs will screw you in some UCs...not all though</p>

<p>alright... man i dont know why im worrying so much, i dont apply for another 6 months.</p>

<p>Finishing those reqs will give you a good edge over others. they look at GPA then fulfillment of regs for major. I'm not sure about engineering though cause of all the crazy course you guys have to take.</p>