Mit RD 2025

Hey everyone,

I didn’t see a thread for this, so here it is.

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I got my interview today and I think they’ve started to roll out interview requests.

oh that’s nice. It means we may also hear back about our interviews soon.

btw, I have I have a major update to my application (though not confirmed, but the final decision will come by this week and I’m 99% sure that I’ll get through).
So, how can I update them about this, like seriously this is something big and can boost my chances.

you go into your application portal, there should be something like “update your application”. all colleges have it

Oh nice!!! I believe you can fill out the February Update Form to let them know aobut any major changes:

That one is only for data updates (like name, SSN, Address etc)

Actually I’ve come up with a method to prove the Goldbach Conjecture, and it provides us new insights into the topic. I’d submitted the manuscript yesterday.

In the paper, I’ve not proved the conjecture but rather converted it into an easier hypothesis to prove. If that hypothesis is proved, it will automatically imply that Goldbach’s conjecture is also true. I’ve shown a way to prove the conjecture by proving the hypothesis (although I can’t prove the hypothesis by myself until now as the proof will require partitions and combinatorics, and I only have very basic knowledge about them).

Same here! I got an email from an alumna only 22 hours after I submitted my application, so I was wondering how quick admission officers were…

When you complete your application your contact info is given to the alumni who do the interviewing. It is a matter of how quickly the alumni person is as to when you hear back.

There is a problem that there are more applicants than slots available for interviews. So, some applicants won’t get assigned right away and some will be passed over. It has nothing to do with how good a candidate for MIT they are, only a numbers game. MIT realizes this and will not penalize one for not getting an interview. The moral of the story is that the earlier you get your application in, the better chance for an interview. Moot point for this year’s RD cycle.

Our MIT portal seems to only show green check marks for Transcript and Recommendation letters and a red cross for February updates.
Does the MIT portal not have a field for the counselor letter and/or school report? Or am I missing something?

There is another box underneath “Manage recommendations and School Report”. If you click on that you’ll see if recommendations and counselor report were submitted.