Mit subject test score

Are these scores enough to attend MIT?
Math Level II: 740
Physics: 720</p>

<p>All school grades are excellent.</p>


<p>i think MIT wants really high Math2 physics and chem scores. i think u have to get above 750 for all of those
not gonna lie</p>

<p>Thanks. Then i'll retake the test.</p>

<p>yeah well MIT is one school that requires really high sciences-scores
if u want to increase ur chance of getting in then retake those hehe.</p>

<p>Personally, I would not retake those scores -- those scores will not keep you out of MIT.</p>

<p>At the MIT</a> admissions statistics page, you can see that your scores are within the middle 50% of SAT II scores for admitted students. Better SAT II scores are not likely to improve your chances at MIT. Focus on other components of your application.</p>