Hey I was just wondering what prerequisites there are to participate in MOSP (Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program). Do you need to participate in USAMO, IMO, or just have enough $$. Thanks.

<p>u need to score top 15 in USAMO i believe</p>

<p>thanks wrathofgod; what's the criteria to participate in the USAMO?</p>

<p>OCChopeful - there is a series of exams leading to selection of the US team to the international mathematics olympiad. Almost half a million kids participate in the first exam, in Jan or Feb. Only 250 make it to the USAMO level, and the exams to qualify are already past for this year. A much smaller number will make it to MOSP (the number varies depending on funding. Last year they took something like the 30 top kids for the main MOSP, and then another 24 or so 9th grade USAMO qulaifiers for a separate 9th grade MOSP). MOSP is free to participants. Most of the people who make it to that level have been doing math competitions for years and are VERY advanced (think calculus in 8th grade). More info at <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>