move in question

<p>My move-in day and time is the 22nd at 6-8 PM. I will be going out of state later that day and I was wondering if I can move in around 2PM. Will they reject me?</p>

<p>What about the parking/unloading pass which says only 6-8 PM?</p>

<p>Don't worry about all that. Move in whenever you want after 8 am of Sept 22nd.</p>

<p>cool thanks.</p>

<p>does that work for any day? my time is 8-10pm on saturday, but i want to move in during the day.</p>

<p>i just want to echo jennio's question - i was originally supposed to move in tomorrow from 6-8, but ended up changing it to sunday because i thought i had something going on over the weekend. turns out that isn't happening, so i'd love to move in tomorrow, but technically i'm not supposed to. i have parking so i figure it wouldn't be a big deal, but i, too, want to be sure before i commit to doing that</p>

<p>Just copy and paste into MS Word, change the move in time, and tah-dah! New move in time FOR YOU!</p>

<p>can anyone confirm locknload's answer? I'm afraid that if I go at 12PM on Friday instead of 6PM, they will not let me.</p>

<p>The best you can do is call and ask.</p>

<p>man...this sucks. if I can't move in early...then I can't move in at all. I'm goin out of state...5PM.</p>

<p>They'll definitely let you in, don't worry about it. You might be pushed back a little bit by people who do have that time slot, but they will let you in.</p>