MSU admissions class of 2025

Just got accepted an hour ago!

Stats: 3.65 W gpa, rigorous program full IB student at one of top highschools
SAT : 1460
ACT: 33
Major: Engineering Exploratory
State: VA

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congrats I just got accepted yesterday
3.5 gpa unweighted (school doesn’t have weighted)
good extracurriculars, lots of ap classes and honors
major: linguistics
out of state

I got accepted into James Madison last night!

3.65 unweighted gpa. 4.025 weighted gpa.
good extracurriculars, 6 APs
out of state
public high school
didn’t submit test scores because of COVID.

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Daughter accepted a few weeks ago. She applied undecided in early August.

GPA 3.85W
No test scores
decent EC’s and essay

My DS got his acceptance Wed (11/25). OOS, 3.6W GPA, solid EC and community service. Applied 10/31 to School of Music.

GL to all who are applying!

Alas, my D21 was denied. While we knew she’d be borderline we were hoping for the best. Bummed that she wasn’t deferred, but it was not meant to be. Regrouping and refocusing. Congrats to all who are accepted and best of luck to those awaiting decisions.

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DS21 applied late Oct. Accepted - Business. OOS from Ohio. 3.6 UW and 4.1 W GPA. 6 APs and 9 Honors.

Son just admitted yesterday. 3.27 UW, but all classes considered honors at his small private school. 35 ACT. In-state. Good ECs. Business.

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D21 applied end of October and was accepted to James Madison College on 11/12.

4.26 W GPA
Top 5% of Class
IB Diploma Candidate
5 AP Classes
Test Optional
Student Athlete
Lots of EC

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I got my acceptance on December 8th to the Eli Broad school. I’m a U.S dual citizen (other nationality is European). I go to a full IB international school in Thailand. I have legal residency in Michigan as well as a summer house there, but they considered me OOS. I submitted my application on the 24th of October.

Here’s my basic info:

  • legacy (father attended)
  • weighted GPA: 4.5
  • IB predicted grade: 39
  • SAT: 740 reading, 650 math
  • activities: choir, plays, MUN, national essay award, self published a music album, marketing internship, activism with some NGOs
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D 21 accepted Monday, 12/7
GPA: 3.7 (UW)
ACT: 28
Pre-Vet/College of Agricultural Sciences
Good essays, EC’s and leadership experiences

Good luck to those of you still waiting for a decision!

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Just curious- any kids from Northern California considering MSU as their college destination. My son has received acceptances from MSU and Arizona State (Mechanical Eng.) and is leaning towards MSU as of now.

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Not from Northern California — from DC area, but my son was also accepted to MSU and Arizona State (for music). Right now it is a toss-up since he can’t visit.


yes, my son applied October 18 and was accepted on Nov 4.
3.54 GPA unweighted, test optional


My son (OOS, 3.7, 1330 SATs) received his acceptance electronically on Nov 20th and then by mail today. There was no reference in either admissions letter to financial aid. We did submit the FAFSA by the deadline & he should qualify for need-based aid. Does anyone know when we could expect to get the financial aid determination?

Celebrating…my son passed the pre-screen for the school of music.


All student’s who met the December 1 Honors deadline will be notified of their decision via email and letter February 1. This cannot be viewed in the portal. Some decisions may be released earlier in the month of January at the Honor’s committee discretion. Applications are reviewed periodically for merit scholarships starting in October and students who are awarded merit based scholarships will traditionally be notified by letter no later than the last week of February. If the student submitted the FAFSA their complete financial aid package with scholarship, federal financial aid and need based aid is normally issued the first week of March. You can be notified of your federal financial aid award separately prior to March. If you have questions concerning the FAFSA or federal financial aid and you would like to speak with someone directly please contact us at 412-624-7448, option 2 or email them at

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I just got the honors college invite in the mail. Does scholarship info come later or did i just not get any?
stats: gpa 3.99 UW
sat: 1560

I’m not sure, I’m waiting on scholarship info too and I have a 4.0 UW GPA with a 34 ACT

Check financial aid / scholarships tab. It’s subtle, but should be there.

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