Multiple 800's, brag your story

<p>I was amazed to get 800s on ther Verbal and CR, and some friends thought that it didnt happen much. I was just curious who out there had also gotten an 800 on a subject twice or more.</p>

<p>i got 800's on math iic and physics.</p>

<p>decided to take iic instead of us history because i tested 690 on diagnostic the night before at 1am. 1 omit 1 half/chance guess 800 on iic. then again, 800 is pretty common (800 was 90%ile)</p>

<p>I got 800s on Math (SAT I), Math IIC, Chemistry, and Physics, but those are basically all the same thing.</p>

<p>I have 800s on Math and Critical Reading. My SAT IIs come out Monday. Hoping for two 800s! :D</p>

<p>I have 800s on Math IIC and Biology M (SAT II)...yay....umm...yeah.</p>

<p>800s on Chem and SAT II Writing</p>

<p>I think the OP means getting 800s multiple times on the SAME TEST, i.e. scoring 800 on one section the first time and scoring 800 on the same section on a retake to boost some other section. This would therefore only apply to the SAT I (unless you enjoy wasting money pointlessly :)).</p>

<p>i will be getting my second 800 in math when i take the new SAT again in October.</p>

<p>rofl... two 800s on the math2c?? That must have been a first</p>

<p>you 800 folks...what would you say are the 3 easiest subject tests to get 800s on?</p>