My Birthday!!!!

<p>i really don't know why i am doing this on cc, but haha</p>

<p>this friday is my birthday!! >.< i will be 14!!!!!!</p>

<p>GIMME Virtual Presents!! haha</p>

<p>wow. the big 1 - 4 eh? youve still got like all week to go is the problem</p>

<p>2 days after tommorow...not that long to go if you've got (hopefully) at least like 70 more years to go!!!!</p>

<p>Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear want<em>a</em>scholarship.
Happy birthday to you.</p>

<p>There, I'm also throwing you an e-party. K?</p>

<p>yay!! an e-party! i'm the luckiest 14 yr old ever!!!!</p>

<p>why are u on CC if you're only 14.</p>

<p>oh man, not with the no-junior high-kids-allowed-thing again!</p>

<p>This'll be my first time having a party. Where do you want it? I heard treeehouses are pretty cool.</p>

<p>omg!! treehouses!! <em>Squeals</em></p>

<p>lol hope you have a good 14th birthday</p>

<p>thanx :)</p>

<p>there's nothing special about 14 tho, right? it's just that you got over your first year as a preteenager...?</p>

<p>WOOT! WOOT!</p>

<p>Wow I can't believe you're only turning 14. God that makes me feel old. I'm coming up on 19 next year. Ah its hard to even say. :(</p>

<p>Turning 14 means that time is going to fly by faster and you're going to be 15 before you know it.</p>

<p>happy birthday.. just wait and see, time will go by so fast the next few years</p>

<p>awww thanx you i get any virtual presents?</p>

<p>maybe... maybe not... lol
happy birthday though =D</p>

<p>my birthday is in two weeks (December 14) and im gonna be SIXTEEN (haha i am older than u) =D</p>

<p>hahaha happy early birthday!!! :)</p>

<p>i want a virtual ipod (cuz i cant get a real one :p)</p>

<p>It sucks that this semester ends on December 23, because my birthday's the 24th and I'll have no time to prepare... starting relaxing...</p>

<p>I'll be 18 in june!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...okay so I'm excited a little early ;)</p>

<p>Hmmm...what virtual present should I get you?</p>


<p><<my wish="" is="" in="" color="" so="" its="" obviously="" cooler="" than="" the="" rest="" of="" them="" :d="">> lol..</my></p>

<p>have a GREAT 14 want<em>a</em>scholarship! :) :)</p>

<p>SARORAH if you read this: remember that colored post craze we had?? LOL that was funny.... ahhh memories :)</p>