My Chances?? Any lovelies like to help me out? Thank you.

<p>GPA: 4.5
Dark blonde female: weird, insomniac, sometimes a sadist to herself..heh maybe that was too much!
ACT (Beginning of junior year- just practice doesn't count) - 24

<p>Freshman Year:
Biology A/A
English I B/A
Physical Education A/B
Honors History Western Civilization A/A
Honors French II B/B
Algebra I A/B</p>

<p>Summer School Algebra II B/C</p>

<p>Sophomore Year:
Honors English II A/B
AP European History C/B
Chemistry and Physics B/B
Child Development A
Health A
Physical Education C
Geometry D/D
Oral Communications A
Consumer Education B
Honors French III B/B</p>

<p>Junior Year:
AP English Language & Composition
Physical Education
Honors US History
Honors French IV

<p>Plan is all A's</p>

<p>Senior Year:</p>

<p>Calculus AP AB
Biology AP
AP English Literature
AP Economics or Government
Honors French V
Physical Education
maybe I'll take something else?</p>

<p>All A's is the plan.</p>

French Honor Society
French Club
Piano Player since age 9
Historical Society
Volunteer work at hospital
Science Fiction Club
Office (Attendance) Helper
maybe I'll join something else</p>

<p>So what kind of colleges would want to have me? I plan to bring my ACT to a 30 or so. So with that in mind, what do you think?</p>

<p>Here are my choices/likes:
Duke University
University of Chicago
Northwestern University
University of Illinois at Champaign
University of Illinois at Chicago
Loyola University
Carleton College
Princeton University
Grinnell College
Yale University</p>

<p>thats a whole lot of Bs and Cs you've gotten, and also a Ds, which makes me question how that can possibly amount to 4.5. i would knock out all the top schools like yale, princeton, duke, northwestern, etc..</p>

<p>It amounts because I take advanced classes, and because some the other C you see is from gym, okay. Why the heck should they care how physically active I am? It's a joke. </p>

<p>And I'm sick of all of you pathetic perfectionists, who ask oh I have 35 on my ACT, should I retake it so I'll get a 36? And all of these extracurriculars to make you look. Egotistical maniacs who don't even care about learning but making money and elite status. It's people like you who screw up our society by greed, and corruption from television. </p>

<p>Well, I made a mistake by becoming an imbecilic person and screwing up my life in high school. Oh well, I suck. Good bye. Have fun going to beautiful colleges and universities; I'll go to some. other. one. </p>

<p>Well at least I have English class to look forward to. It's the only thing that makes me happy right now. It's the only reason I actually feel like going to school. Solace in writing, philosophy, poetry, and chamomile tea. </p>

<p>Anyone else feel this way? We can become friends, perhaps.</p>

<p>You poor child. This is the beginning of your junior year of high school, and you should be thinking about what sort of school would make you happy--big, small, near a city, in the middle of nowhere, with graduate students, without. You are jumping the gun to be thinking, "what are my chances?" at this point. Please take it slower or you will burn out.</p>

<p>Thanks for the sympathy seashore, by the way, I love seashores! Great name. But I really don't know what I want. I just want to go to some decent school with good teachers to study English, philosophy, history, literature, French. But I feel like I already ruined everything for myself. I feel like I will have the eternal regret of not being able to go to an excellent school because of my grades. I know I am capable of excellent grades, I just haven't worked to that capabality. And now I ponder whether it is worth it anyway, I feel like further education at a good school has reached its demise.</p>

<p>Look lady, maybe you are unique as a person, but I personally believe, along with light headed, that academically you don't make a strong contestant in colleges like Chicago, Carleton, Northwestern, Princeton, Duke and Yale. I'm not a perfectionist, but I can see your grade are far more perfect. Don't get defensive about getting 3 As your entire sophomore year, while also getting Ds in geometry: that's what you listed. There are plenty of 4.0 students applying to those schools who took just as many, if not more, advanced classes than you, and with SAT scores in the mid 30s ACTs and/or 1450+/2200+ SATs. Even a 30 ACT isn't a score that will make you stand out in those schools. Again, no offense, because I have pretty good academic stats and even I don't have the confidence to even apply to half of those schools. </p>

<p>And don't presume everybody knows how much your schools weighs. Not many people have schools that so much weighing as your schools does. For example, I had about 4 Bs in Freshman year and all As afterwards, I took zounds of Honors/AP classes, but only now, in my senior year, has my weighted GPA finally gotten to 4.0. With this sort of stuff, it's easy to get suspicious.</p>

<p>Of course, don't just think that schools don't care about your fitness. Your performance in a PE class can hint to the type of person you are. Look at Cornell, which requires all graduates to pass a swim test. While most schools don't share that requirement, don't think that they wouldn't care about the physical abilities of their students. Besides, why is it being a PE class suddenly free you from responsibility for that grade? I'm as unfit as anybody, but I always got an A in PE just because I was willing to try hard and improve myself. </p>

<p>Now look, you asked for the chances, and I restate: with your grades, many of those schools would be miracle reaches. I'm not being perfectionist, I'm not being malicious, I'm just stating the objective chance I see from your stats. You asked for opinions, so accept mine.</p>

<p>But don't worry about not getting into those colleges too much. You might not get the world-famous education you get from certain professors, but what really matters is you. If you preservere, you can make it anywhere. Don't stress about it.</p>

<p>Oh and English is my most hated language out of those I've studied, and I think writing is more painful than Chinese water torture. So don't expect understanding from me there.</p>

<p>My life is horrible. And who do you think you are calling me a lady? That's one of the most irascible things anyone has ever told me. I'm 16, leave me alone.</p>

<p>Okay, for one thing, don't stress too much about it yet. It's a good idea at this point to look for schools you might be interested in, but it's good to also be realistic. You're just at the beginning of your junior year, you've still got time to raise your GPA. What I'd recommend is to register at, enter your stats, and look at some of the schools that come up, particularly as good matches for you. I'd offer suggestions of my own, but I don't really consider myself knowledgeable enough to do so. Perhaps someone else might offer a few more suggestions. Good luck!</p>

<h2>mikosangeleyes!! i think its great to have...dreams.and high hopes... although i have gotten one B in grade 10..(and i am VERy ashaemd of myself).... and... have not scored 2000+ in SAT practice test... i would also LOVe to go to Yale or Princeton, (btw im 16 too) </h2>

<h2>i'm /i'll trying/try hard!!!!!! </h2>

<p>now, dont let urself down by worrying too mucha bout ur 8/9/10 grades..thikn about NOW... now is VEry importnat (i think).... i hope to see u in one of these 2 schools 2 yrs later..
goo dluck to u..and (ME!)</p>

<p>Hm. so you like english lit philosophy etc eh? have you ever thought about going to a liberal arts college? </p>

<p>hey honestly, don't worry about it. you have time. azelma's got some good advice. :)</p>

<p>Miko = priestess or did you get the name from the porn star? </p>

<p>Anyways, C for college. D for diploma. </p>

<p>Fix that D and you can go to a half decent college. Grades are way too weak for UChicago. I have a 4.0 unweighted and it is still a reach for me.</p>

rofl if you dont score above 2200/32 on the ess ay tee then pton.yale.uchicago are gonna be impossible. although its pretty much futile already. -end condenscending rant- </p>

<p>plz explain to me why you have a 4.5 with a crapload of B's and C's?</p>

<p>k pr0n time! jk lol... rite?</p>

<p>you know what - i think i should start a compnay that takes sat and gpas and puts them into a sql db and then lets you enter your sat and gpa and see if you can get in. right? right. then i could make it ad-ridden like this site , btw, firefox + adblock removes all ads for everysite, and make teh $$$!!!shift11~!!!</p>

<p>Yale's out of the picture, but UChicago isn't out completely. If you can bring your ACT to a 30 and write an amazing essay, you'd have a shot. But you'd have to write a really, really, really good essay.</p>

<p>Um what the heck? A crapload of C's I don't have that many C's! I have one from gym from one semester, and 1 from history from one semester! That is not a lot! So stop! AHhhh.</p>

<p>How are my chances at University of Illinois at Chicago? I don't want to go there, but maybe I can actually get in. I want to go to Duke! :(:( Since my teacher went there, do you think he can reccomend me! He's my favorite teacher!</p>

<p>Oh and by the way I want to be an English teacher. Would Duke be good for that or any others?</p>

<p>"Dark blonde female: weird, insomniac"</p>

<p>Pics????? :P</p>

<p>Geometry D/D</p>

<p>C for college and D of diploma. </p>

<p>I doubt you will get into Duke unless your dad is either high up in the military, rich, or high up in the governmnet.</p>