My chances at mitty, standy, carnegie mellony, and others

<p>Hey College Confidential-er's,</p>

<p>For my inaugural post, I shall ask what indeed might be my chances, if any at all to some of my dream schools. Your insight would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Some truncated information about me:</p>

GPA | 3.97/4.00 UW, 4.32/4.00 W
SAT | 800 M, 750 V, 1550 total
SAT2 | 780 writ, 800 math2c, 780 chem
School does not rank. Top ten percentile.</p>

Journalism Editor-in-chief
Humor columnist
Senior Class Treasurer
Red Cross Volunteer
School Site Council</p>

Westinghouse semis - I still can't believe it!
National Merit Commendation
National Honor Society
National Forensics - Distinction</p>

<p>This is a rather compact form of me. Read it as you will. I'm sure that you're sure there's more of me, and I'm sure as well. I am looking at a variety of colleges. Let me list my top current potentials list.</p>

<li>Carnegie Mellon</li>

<p>These are the choicest of the choicest. The real reach apples at the top of the apple tree that you dream to get. But you can't. I'd like to know whether I'm five foot off or thirteen foot off from those apples.</p>

<p>Good luck to everyone who's applied early and to everyone who's not a procrastinator and have already started their regular apps. (not me xP) Goodness knows CC'ers work their butt off and should get into the college of their choice just by posting. :-)</p>


<p>Most people should realize that with those stats, you have a good chance at any of the schools, but probably not all of's just a waste of time to post.</p>

<p>I'd say you're in at Carnegie Mellon and a great shot at Stanford...MIT is gonna be the hardest for you (obviously), and UC Berkeley, well, you never know (you're in if you're from Cali, though).</p>

<p>thanks jpps1. anybody else?</p>

<p>Jpps1 is absolutely correct,except that you are probably in at Berkeley even if not from California.</p>

<p>obviously people with great stats like that post in CC because of the boost of confidence from the reponses :)</p>

<p>Seriously - no jokes here - I think you're in at all of them.
Westinghouse Semis = you're in. Journalism EIC is excellent... however, what's with the humor columnist? Is that different from journalism? if not, remove that :p.. write an essay instead.</p>

<p>MIT will be the tough one, but I think your basically in Carnegie Mellon and Berkeley, even though are out of state. Stanford: you never know what the admissions officers are thinking, based on your stats, your admitted but there is always a possibility of denial.</p>