my chances for Notre Dame?

<p>i am heading into my junior year in a public high school with a reputation for strong academics. i have a 3.8 unweighted and 4.5 weighted gpa. my school offers 4 levels of classes: college prep (CP), accelerated (ACC), honors (HON), and AP, respectively increasing in difficulty. here are my grades:
HON English- B+
HON Latin 1- A
HON Environmental Science- B
ACC Algebra 2 & Trigonometry- A+
ACC World History- A</p>

<p>EC: volleyball, basketball, softball</p>

HON English- A
HON Latin 2- A+
AP Biology- A- (an 800 on the Biology-E SAT2, unsure about the AP score)
HON Geometry- A
HON Pre-AP US History- A-
ACC Civil War- A-</p>

<p>EC: volleyball, softball</p>

<p>in addition to the sports, i have been an altar server for over 5 years, which is twice a month. i volunteer helping children with special needs play sports and i was captain of my summer softball team last year. i live in Massachusetts if that is of any importance. i took the PSATs in the fall and scored in the 89th percentile overall. </p>

<p>could i get into Notre Dame?</p>