My Chances?- W and L ED, and others

<p>Applied Early Decision to Washington and Lee, if I'm not accepted there I've got a large list.</p>

College of Charleston
Wake Forest
William and Mary

<p>White Male from Richmond Virginia. Upper class.</p>

<p>Attended 9th and 10th at prestigious magnet school. Extremely difficult.
My transfer into high school went poorly and by the end I had many classes in the C+ to B- range. I believe my Freshman UW was about 3.2.
Sophomore Year- 3.65 UW</p>

<p>Then transfered to prestigious Private school, best in the area. Things got a lot better at new school, picked up at least a dozen more EC activities.
3.8 W/3.61 UW during Junior year. Top 20 in Class of 117</p>

<p>Will graduate having completed AP US, AP AB Calc, AP Vergil, AP Econ, and AP BC. Recieved 4 on US and 5 on Calc during Junior Year.<br>
Junior and Senior year courseload extremely rigorous, top 5-10 in school.</p>

<p>SAT Scores:
2160- 720 M/ 740 V/ 700 Writing
II's: 760 US History, 710 MathIIC</p>

Lacrosse: since 7th grade, Varsity during 10, 11, and 12. DIII Recruit
XC: 11, 12 (All prep 12th)
Indoor Track: 11, 12 (Captain during 12th)</p>

Class Senate and SCA- 9, 10, 11, 12 (Treasurer in 9th)
Interact: 11, 12- Key member, head of several events
Latin Club: 9, 10, 11, 12- 1st VP, also attended State convention 4 years and National twice, ran for State VP during Junior year.
Geronimo Lacrosse Coach- 11, 12
School Newspaper- 11, 12
Model Judiciary- 11, 12
Photography Club- 10, 11, 12
Outdoor Club- 10, 11- VP</p>

National Latin Honor Society- 10, 11, 12
1st and 3rd Place in category at Richmond Science Fair during 9 and 10
Outstanding Photo Student award during 10</p>

<p>Excellent Recommendations along with a solid essay. Application characterized by my switch to a new school, and my ability to flourish immediately. </p>

Wake Forest: Legacy- Mother, Father, Grandfather was on Board of Advisors
William and Mary: Legacy- Grandmother on Board of Advisors
Williams- Recruited to play lacrosse
Colby- Recruited to play lacrosse</p>

<p>Thank you in advance for any help provided!</p>

<p>Without the connections, my prediction would be a waitlisted status to both William and Mary and Wake Forest. You have a better chance at Wake Forrest. William and Mary could care less about your being "upper class".....................whatever "upper class" means.........Sheesh! Anyway, Granny's gonna get you into W&M, but she won't keep you there. Good Luck!</p>

<p>UVA and Duke, my guess is no. Washington and Lee, I don't think so, but maybe. Good Luck.</p>

<p>Where do you go to school?</p>

<p>I go to Collegiate School. I'm a bit confused, I know my grades Freshman year were low...but I obviously completely turned things around and I am a pretty consistent A- student. I also have a 1460 SAT, and huge Lacrosse and Latin focus. That doesn't get me in to these schools?...</p>

<p>Collegiate...I was thinking it must be there or St. Chris...</p>

<p>I wish i was rich and had connections. This whole thing would be much easier...</p>

<p>Wtets, you've got to take these "predictions" with a huge grain of salt. Now that applicants are posting their ED decisions, many of us who guessed, have been wrong............including myself, a humble, 19 year old college freshman, with one application process under my belt. That said, if the magnet school experience was "extremely difficult", be prepared to find some of the colleges on your lofty list to be extremely difficult as well. You are going to do fine, even without tossing out your heavy clouted relatives. EVery one of us would have used our connections when we applied if we had any, so don't feel badly about that. I disliked your reference to your parent's wealth, to describe yourself as "upper class". I just thought it smacked of "low class". But again, just my opinon. You are all set to get into a very good school and I wish you the best of luck.</p>

<p>Why did you not do Science Fair in 11 and 12....?</p>

<p>My new school didn't have a program for science fair at all. I'm working on a Challenge 20/20 bioethics project instead. I never meant my "upper class" comment to sound snotty, I was only trying to better describe the demographic I fall into. Socioeconomic status is after all a large part of admission. </p>

<p>With regards to my "connections", they do not arise from my grandparents being high rolling super rich alumni who have buildings on campus with their name. They were actually both in the public school system for over 40 years, my grandfather was a superintendant. </p>

<p>What I'm really asking about is Washington and Lee. If I don't get in, all the others will be fine, but W and L is of course my first choice. Anyone have any more ideas on my chances there?</p>

<p>bump...Washington and Lee chances?</p>

<p>i think you have a good chance, because you're white.</p>

<p>there's a 1% asian population at w&l... apparently they don't like asians. sorry off on a rampage.</p>

<p>100% chance youll be could Washington and LEE reject someone with a 2160?</p>

<p>Finally a little positivity...then again I'm really only 30 or 40 points above the middle 50...</p>

<p>i definitely think you'll get in.</p>

<p>i'm surprised you didn't ED another school.</p>

<p>you could get in better i think.</p>

<p>Washington and Lee is much closer to home...I was looking really hard at Williams because of lacrosse, but I was statistically one step away from being guaranteed admission Early W and L was the pick.</p>

<p>oh i see.</p>

<p>but anyways, i think you could've done an ivy possibly or somewhere like colgate.</p>

<p>w&l is good. i just don't like that they have a 1 percent asian pop.</p>

<p>Hey Wtets,</p>

<p>I think you are definitely in at Washington and Lee. Both your SAT 1 and SAT II scores are above what they require. You may even qualify for merit scholarships. If I were you, I would aim a little higher...if you work hard on your essays and explain your GPA, you could get into some good LACs in the Northeast. BTW, Collegiate is awesome!</p>

<p>Coquettish, how do you know about Collegiate?</p>

<p>Well, just found out in the mail that I was accepted to Washington and Lee early decision. Thank you to all who let me release a little anxiety on here. Anyone else joining me next fall?</p>

<p>congrats wtets!!</p>

<p>i'm proud of you!</p>