My Chances??

<p>Please chance me at the following schools: Stevens, Cedar Crest College, Smith, Mount Holyoke, Simmons, and Fordham?</p>

<p>Freshman year: GPA 3.86, 3.71
2 honors classes </p>

<p>Sophomore year: GPA 3.6, 3.3 ( really low because I had a lot of problems that year with the school, family, myself)
3 honors classes</p>

<p>Junior year GPA: 4.21, 3.86
1 college course of Medical Terminolgy
4 honors classes</p>

<p>Senior year
planning on taking AP Bio, College course of Anatomy and Physiology, Internship at hospital(accepted into program)</p>

<p>Havent taken my SATs but I got a 1800 on my PSATs without any review. Taking courses on them now. </p>

<p>Extra curricular(for all 3 years)
French club, Health Care Club, Choir, History Club, Pro-Life Club.</p>

<p>have about 250 hours of volunteer work at a nursing home for the past 3 summers, started recently at a hospital</p>

<p>I have a passion for horseback riding, I've been riding since I was 10. </p>

<p>First generation college student, Spanish/Polish
go to a Private all girls high school</p>

<p>If you find out that you suck on the SAT, even with courses on it, take the ACT.</p>

<p>Stevens: Match
Cedar Crest: Safety (although acceptances are all over the place)
Smith: High match (aim for 2000+/29+ on the real test)
Fordham: Match (aim for 1900+/27+ on the real test)
Simmons: Safety (I never saw that school on CC)
Mt. Holyoke: Match (see Fordham)</p>