my chances?

<p>I'm a Korean student attending the british international school of prague, and currently on the IB diploma programme</p>

<p>Thus, I can say that I am a bilingual (English,Korean) though my mother tongue is Korean.</p>

<p>I've taken the SAT 1 twice, and I'm planning to take it once more..
the current scores are</p>

<p>CR 680
M 760
W 600</p>

<p>My writing is rather weak, so I'm hoping to improve on that..</p>

<p>The II's
M IIC 740
and planning to take French and Chemistry (I know it's rather late)</p>

<p>My ECs are rather weak.. i have some volunteer work (prob 70~90hrs) but nothing really continuous.. (only one or two)
if I am to make an excuse, as an international school in a foreign country, the things school can offer are limited</p>

<p>So.. what are my chances for the following colleges?</p>


U of Wisconsin-Madison

<p>ps. I'm thinking of majoring IR btw</p>

<p>Well, </p>

<p>American--match--no problem--maybe even safe match
Tufts--slight reach
Georgetown--slight reach</p>

<p>The problem at Tufts and Georgetown is your lack of ECs (like you said) and the fact that we can't really equate your grades. Also, you picked International Relations for your major--which is in great demand at both these schools.</p>

<p>If you want to consider a couple of other schools that are similar, but slightly easier to get into than Georgetown or Tufts, try New York University and Villanova.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>thanks a bunch..
i appreciate it</p>

<p>do the schools you've mentioned - NYU and Villanova - have good sociology departments? (since IR is related to sociology...)</p>

<p>i think i'll probably need 1~2 more safeties and 1~2 more high matches...</p>


<p>after extensively reading the threads, i've become quite interested in UW-Madison...</p>

<p>can anyone give me more possibilities regarding UW-Madison?
(or any other schools for that matter; Georgetown, Tufts, American, George Mason, Northeastern, GWU)</p>

<p>plus, additional info on my ECs</p>

<p>Math Club - Preparing for a competition in London next year
Europe At School project - basically three schools got together to create a web page about partnership in europe, though our group failed this one because of problems in communication. i admit we were a bit laid-back on this project.. though it is a failed experience, i think i can write a good essay about it since i've thought a lot about it since..
Habitat for Hummanity - a week in the Philippines, manual labor (lol) + interaction with local people
Archaeology volunteer project - again, a week. got to learn quite a bit about the process + got to meet with archaeology undergraduate students of Warsaw Univ. (since the project was in north of Poland)</p>

<p>the ECs don't really seem to be focused I guess...
i just did things that are new to me, something that I haven't tried before, instead of things that are related to what i would like to study in the future</p>

<p>anyway, thanks in advance guys...</p>

<p>bump again...</p>

<p>ok, to follow with the template</p>

<p>asian male</p>

<p>SAT I (V/M/W) 660/760/600 on first sitting, 680/740/570 on second
SAT II Math IIC 740, planning to take French and Chemistry on oct</p>

<p>not so good GPA..
currently on IB Diploma programme</p>

<p>ECs, see above</p>

<p>Planning to major International Relations/International Studies</p>

<p>Planning to apply:
Princeton Woodrow Wilson School of of Public and International Affairs(I know I don't have a chance in there)
Georgetown SFS
George Washington U
New York U</p>

<p>thanks in advance guys....</p>

<p>Wisconsin should be a match for you. So is NYU.</p>

<p>Princeton is a definite reach--as it is for almost everybody. It was ranked the #1 school in the country this year by USNW.</p>

<p>NYU actually has an International Relations major--so you don't need to major in Sociology. Here's the link: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I won't bother with listing the link for Villanova, since I see it is no longer on your list--but yes, it does have a Sociology major.</p>