my friend is once again iffing things on his resume.

<p>he is saying that he has taken 4 years of debate, while has only taken it for three.</p>

<p>how blatant of a lie is that?!</p>

<p>why is your friend sending in a resume? what college is asking for a resume?</p>

<p>well hs transcripts have all the clubs/sports u paticipate and every year you did, so he'll get caught lying. doesn't sya too much for his character</p>

<p>lol my transcript doesnt have that stuff at all</p>


<p>my hs doesn't say that stuff.</p>

<p>my hs transcript just show grades/rank/gpa/test score (sat, act) etc. no ec's</p>

<p>transcripts do not say activities form your school sends might though...but this doesn't seem like it'll help him doesnt matter if you do 3 or 4 years of debate....if he lied saying he did 4 yrs and was pres w/o being in the club, that would be a lot worse. is your friend fudging a lot of his resume?</p>

<p>What he's doing is stupid and unethical, but I don't see why it troubles you enough to bother posting about it. I also don't see why you choose as a friend someone whose ethics you find questionable.</p>

<p>I'm not in debate (at my school it sucks...but anyways) but when my brother was in it, he had "points" from each tournament he it was pretty obvious who had joined in what year...</p>

<p>my school has a separate activities sheet that is verified by each club mod and guidance counselor</p>