My full-tuition safety: LSU or Alabama??

<p>I'm looking for a guaranteed full-tuition safety.</p>

<p>Louisiana State University and the University of Alabama would both guarantee that I receive full OOS tuition for 4 years, based on my GPA and SAT. I really don't want to pursue both options... any advice/anecdotes/thoughts would be welcome.</p>

<p>1 - Which might give better aid to cover the rest? (room&board)
2 - Which school has the better reputation?
3 - Which school has more fun?</p>

<p>I don't know much about LSU, but we looked into Alabama for similar reasons a year ago. I really liked Alabama. I liked their Honors programs, Honors dorms, and the fact they seem to be working very hard to raise its academic quality and national reputation. We were rather impressed with what we learned about it.</p>

<p>On hearsay, I'd pick Alabama; they recruit NMFs very heavily and seem to be focusing on academics.</p>

<p>I would pick Alabama because academically it's better and the social life there is just like LSU's</p>

<p>thanks everyone, I guess the consensus is Alabama. if anyone else has comments, I'd still love to hear</p>

<p>also, any suggestions for other schools would be very appreciated as well</p>