My Humanities teacher hasn't mailed in her recomendation

<p>She forgot when I gave her all the materials two months ago -.-
I reminded her, and she said she'll work on it immediately.</p>

<p>But its beyond Jan it late?
She hasn't submitted the common app rec </p>

<p>Gahh I'm so screwed.</p>

<p>I'm using her rec for Stanford, Princeton, Caltech....and for MIT, which requires a form sent thru mail.</p>

<p>You have already posted in the relevant forums. Why post here?</p>

<p>Look at the websites for each of the schools. Most have steps you can take.</p>

<p>MIT, for instance, recommends that you have them fax their letters if they are not processed by a specific date listed in the mail blog. Usually by mid-January.</p>

<p>^No? I have not posted it in relevant fourms....</p>

<p>I've posted for MIT, but I also wanted to do it for the common app. So I posted it here for more responses.</p>

<p>Can she fax it instead? I've heard that many schools are lenient on the parts of the application out of the student's control, but having her snail mail it after being so late is adding insult to injury if it can be avoided.</p>

<p>I'm not getting back to school until tomorrow, so the earliest my rec will be mailed is the 4th. The admissions offices are still processing applications, so I'm not worried. They're used to recommendations and scores coming in late, and they're lenient about it, as much of it isn't in our control. If you can fax it, do that, but if not, don't worry.</p>

<p>Keilinger is right on here. They'll usually even send you a notification after they're done processing if materials are still missing, which gives you a second chance to send them in. Pretty nice, eh? What is essential is that you get your actual application and supplements in on time.</p>