My teacher refused to write my recommendation letter

<p>All this year I have been asking this teacher, and she have given out 3-4 recs for me. But this time, as I'm applying to a journalism program ( I did apply to a journalism program before, a different one, and was accepted with her rec), and this one requires the teacher to fill out an evaluation form (very short and easy) with a deadline due next week, she turned me down because it was, she said, not science related (she's a science teacher)
But when I tried to explain to her, she wouldn't want to hear it, and was very reluctant to do so. Is it a bad sign? Should I count on her for future recommendation forms? Should I take it personally? I don't think I've done anything bad in her class though</p>

<p>well if it's an evaluation its most likely asking about your skills in english and righting considering its for journalism. So obviously your science teacher can't help much. She could only talk about you character and stuff, but not really an evaluation fro journalism.</p>

<p>Is the form specific to journalism, or is it just for the school?
Did you see what she put on your other letters?</p>

<p>I would never pressure a teacher to fill out a recommendation if she is even slightly reluctant. Because you want the best letter possible, and you'll not too sure why she turned you down, it's best to consider someone else instead.</p>

<p>All the recs she wrote for me were excellent, I believe. Since out of 4 of her recs, I was admitted to 3 scholarships, but not to questbridge
but why did she react that certain way?</p>

<p>1) she's sick of you? Hahaha, it's possible, right?</p>

<p>2) it has nothing to do with her area of expertise. What does she have to do with journalism?</p>